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Victoria’s parents demand autopsy report

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Police authorities in Monrovia are yet to state clearly the cause of death of a 22-year-old female detainee, Victoria Zayzay at the police Zone 6 sub-station in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.

According to the Liberia National Police, Miss Zayzay was found helpless in a cell at the Zone 6 sub-station on October 20, 2015 where she was being detained in what the LNP has attributed to an attempted suicide, but parents of the deceased are vehemently challenging the police account.

They believe the victim may have been sexually abused in the cell and subsequently strangulated to death. Mr. Zayzay and Comfort Zayzay, father and mother of the late Victoria Zayzay are demanding the government to state the cause for their daughter’s death in police cell. They are also requesting for the victim’s body for burial.

Both parents appeared on “Power Line” a live broadcast hosted by Power FM/Power Television simultaneously Tuesday, December 1. The Government of Liberia has reportedly performed two autopsies on the deceased’s body, but findings are yet to be made public, prompting the parents to speak out.

“We are demanding the government to tell us what happened to our daughter”, Mr. Zayzay said. “I feel very bad; right now I am sick. The child she left is with me, but I don’t have money to take care of the child”, said Comfort Zayzay, mother of the deceased.

According to Mr. Zayzay, he said his daughter’s body at the Redemption Hospital with the name Bendu Morris. He narrated that the late Victoria was taken to the police by a Pastor’s wife for allegedly damaging her business and causing her to loss about 3,000 Liberian Dollars.

He continued that efforts to have her daughter released from the cell on bill were rejected by the police commander for Zone 6 Bracewell. Police Spokesman Sam Collins told Power Line recently that officers that were on duty the night the incident occurred have been transferred at the National Police Headquarters for questioning.

He assured that everything was being done by the LNP to get to the bottom of the case and establish the cause of the late Victoria’s death in detention.

By Jonathan Browne

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