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Villagers live in fear

Residents of Kohnta in Zota District, Bong County are said to be living in fear following the mysterious disappearance of two persons since the beginning of this year.

Kohnta is amongst several towns and villages in Zota that are in the remote part of Bong County with a population of more than one thousand inhabitants.In January this year, a thirty six year old man identified as Loitormue Baidia went missing and was later found dead and nicked with white chuck on his neck.

Although none of his body parts were extracted, fear still engulfed the entire Barclay clan. The locals believe the victim was murdered for ritualistic but that his body parts may not have been extracted probably because he (victim) did not meet the ritual killer’s standard.

As if that was not enough to instill fear in the locals, a lady from the same village was murdered over the weekend. The victim identified as Gorpu Nyonkor was found dead between Kpamue and Kohnta, this time with body with parts missing.According to our Bong County Correspondent, this second murder has terrified the locals more than ever.

Mr. Nagbah Flomo, the General Town Chief told our Correspondent that they are now afraid to even go to their various farms, adding “we do not want to be killed by those unknown guys.”

Mr. Flomo said right now they are more concern about the safety of women and children living in the village. He said they have planned to establish a community policing team in the area to protect residents of the town beginning Wednesday July 18, 2018.

“I am really sure that when we establish the Community Security, things will be fine because our Men will be taking tour around the entire Clan to arrest strange individuals” Mr. Flomo adds.

When quizzed by our Correspondent whether they have informed the police about the issue, the Kohnta General Town Chief said they have made several efforts calling on the local community radio stations to have the public inform, but have not written a complain directly to the Police.

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From Kohnta to Belifinai, the District’s headquarters is about 20miles, but the area is inaccessible to vehicle due to the road condition.Our Bong County Correspondent says family members of one of the victims (Loitormue Baidia), are finding it very difficult to move on since the death of their father.

Victim Baidia who was found dead in January, was responsible to feel his five children, his wife Korto Baidia and his sightless Mother Kebbeh Vukoue.His Wife Korto who spoke to NewDawn, called on the Liberian government, Humanitarian or Philanthropist groups to go to their aid especially for the provision of food.

“We were unable to complete the farm my Husband started because of lack of help, nothing we could do but just to leave the entire thing” Madam Baidia told our Correspondent.According to her, some citizens of the town started helping them when her Husband died but since January, those helps have ceased.

By: Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong County-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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