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Rural News

Violent Storm Made Several Homeless in Totota

A violent storm followed by heavy down pour of rain recently swept across Totota, in Salala District, Bong County destroying nearly fifty houses including an Elementary School on Sanoyea road, a suburb of the town.

The violent storm victims are said to be residing in the homes of friends and relatives due to the severe damage done to their houses as they await humanitarian intervention from government and NGOs. A dejected victim informed this paper that since the incident occurred they have not benefited from any humanitarian assistance and their situation was going from bad to worst.

According to Harris Flomo, they were informed that a team from the Ministry of Internal Affairs Disaster Management Unit was expected in Totota to carry out an assessment and identify those that were actually affected, but said they were yet to see the arrival of  the team.

In a related development normal academic activities have reportedly come to a halt at the Woiwor Baysah elementary school which was badly hit by the storm. Huge portion of the school roof was removed by the aggressive storm exposing the building to rain which also destroyed the school documents and ceiling and black boards normally use for instruction purposes.

Kids attending the school are constrained  to stay home with parents as the school  administration exert frantic efforts to ensure the school gets rapid rehabilitation  to allow the students resume their academic activities before the end of the school year. Storm disaster has become a common problem in Bong County in recent time, with several towns being affected across the county.

Recently in the Kokoyah Statutory, storm destroyed thirty four houses in the towns of Boepai and Manakpolor constraining victims to sleep in the open air for days, while others used their kitchen as dwelling places. The National Disaster Management Commission under the Ministry of Internal assisted the storm victims in Kokoyah with Zinc and basic household utensils to begin rebuilding their lives.

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