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Voices against Violence embarks on campaign

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A non-governmental group, Voices Against Violence embarks on a campaign here to stop violence against women and girls in the society. Executive Director Madam Mafanta Kromah says the campaign is to prevent women and girls from violence they continue face. She laments that girls in Liberia have been taken against their will, in the name of tradition, saying violence is not tradition.

Speaking Tuesday, 27 February in Monrovia, she says the group looks forward to seeing a society where people would live a violence free-d life. “We are living in a Society where people think violence is a tradition. The young girls are through these a lot.”

Mafanta continues that they are also engaged in religious dialogue, educating people that violence is not a religious belief, and it is against humanity and the society.
“Violence is not a tradition, it is not acceptable in our society, let us give everyone the chance to live their lives the way they feel instead forcing them against their will; at times they will not be able to pursue their education”, she emphasizes.

The executive director notes that when the campaign started, it was resisted on grounds that tradition was being violated, but some have realized that women and girls are victims of violence, maintaining that with the help of Carter Center, the campaign will continue until Liberia is violence-freed.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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