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Volunteers participate in EU’s global clean-up effort

As part of the European Union’s global efforts to promote a clean and safe environment, over five hundred volunteers participated in a beach clean-up and  awareness raising event oat the weekend. The measure is aimed at addressing the issues of pollution, marine litter and waste  management.

The volunteers covered a distance of over 1.3 kilometres on the beach behind the  German and Nigerian Embassies in Congo Town Monrovia and collected a total of 300Kg  of various forms of trash such as hard and soft plastic materials, landfills,  medical wastes.

Working in collaboration with the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), the Paynesville  City Corporation (PCC) and Accountability Lab, the volunteers were mobilized from  communities along the beach, Community-based Enterprises (CBEs), and included  members of the Diplomatic Corp, staff of the United Nations in Liberia and other  organizations.

During the clean-up event, the Head of the Political, Press and Information Section  at the European Union Delegation to Liberia Mr. Juan Antonio emphasized that the  task of ensuring better, cleaner and healthier future is the responsibility of  everyone and expressed the hope that the event will help in keeping the beach clean
and promoting new ways of reusing and recycling plastic waste.

”We cannot reach the goals without you. The communities and each and every citizen  of Liberia are crucial for supporting proper waste disposal in Liberia,” Juan  Antonio said.

The EU Head of Delegation recognized the support of other EU member countries  including France, Germany, Finland, the Kingdom of Sweden and the United Kingdom and  all community-based enterprises.

”We thank the Community-based enterprises (CBEs) for their support today. Their  contribution has been crucial to ensure the waste is not all going to the landfill  but can be reprocessed and we hope that you all, as consumers, will support the  market by buying recycled products and less plastic.”

Also speaking, the Manager of the Solid Waste Department at the Monrovia City  Corporation (MCC) Hafiz A.V. Sarnor highlighted the risks associated with improper  disposal of waste and urged communities along the beach in Monrovia to work  alongside various CBEs and municipal authorities to put in place systems that will  help address the issue of waste management to protect the environment. Philip Biah, Director of the Environment Division at the PCC also stressed the need  for more community involvement and ownership of efforts to keep their environment  clean and safe.

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At the close of the beach clean-up, the EU Delegation in Liberia handed over the  tools and equipment used for the clean-up to communities that participated to help  empower them to continue cleaning and maintaining the beach.

The weekend’s beach clean-up event follows on commitments from the Our Ocean  Conference (OCC) in Malta 2017 where the EU reaffirmed its leading role on ocean  governance and pledged to act, and help build momentum behind the global call for  cleaner and safer seas.

The EU and its Member States with a diplomatic mission in Liberia are actively  supporting Liberia’s efforts to address key environmental challenges, including  degradation of natural resources (forestry, land and water) and loss of biodiversity  (forests, ecosystems, marine, wetlands and mangroves).-Press Release

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