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Vote for change

Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE leader Dr. J. Mills Jones has given voters across the country an option to either cast their ballots for the change they envisage for the country or go for continuity by giving the governing Unity Party a third term in office and get prepared for the consequences of their choice.

Vote for change

“The decision is yours to vote change or continue with the current hardship”, said Dr. Jones, who is also ex-executive governor of the Central Bank of Liberia.He reminded Liberians that in their hands lies the future of the country, stressing “It is our responsibility to build a better future, good democracy that helps transforms the lives of our beloved citizens in and out of the country.”

The Liberian economists and banker noted that too long Liberia has suffered from backwardness; it was time to make the rightful decision. The MOVEE leader and Presidential hopeful spoke over the weekend in Zayed Town, Brewerville, Montserrado County during program held in his honor organized by the Consortium for Economic Empowerment, a local group. The ceremony brought together residents of Mago town, Banjor and other adjacent communities.

“You don’t elect people that will squander all of your resources or people that will waste time in telling you the truth about the state of the economy; that’s what we have seen over the past years, and I say to you my fellow citizens, enough is enough! The time for change has come, and the person that will make that change to come is you.”

According to him, the change all Liberians are yearning for sometimes comes with one person leading, before others can follow, noting that change does not come when people just wake up and say they want change, there must be a collective effort that will back the decision for change.

Dr. Jones told residents of electoral district#17 in Brewerville they need to work on the change that must come, reminding them that they are the ones who will go to the poll on October 10, 2017 to cast their votes, and no one will force them in making choices they do not want.

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“When I look around, I am hopeful that you want change, and the future of Liberia will be better for all of us if only we commit ourselves to the best decision”, he said and noted, “Often times I hear people say change is difficult to come, but I can assure you when the rightful decisions are made, I will give voice to the voiceless, and hope to the hopeless.”

Dr. Jones said his party MOVEE, is committed to better education and improving the status of poor people as well as empowering every citizen across the country, including students, marketers, and women groups, among others.

Commenting on progress by this administration, he said, “We are not moved by their small step transformation, because we believe that small step transformation is a process our people don’t believe in anymore, it is time that we all sit to think big toward achieving our goals for the growth of this country.’ Dr. Jones said at 169, Liberia was still being propped by partners and donors, stressing that it was time Liberians put hands under other countries too, and stop being beggars. 

By Lewis S. Teh

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