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Vote trucking is disadvantageous to citizens

-Speaker Chambers

House Speaker Bhofal Chambers says trucking voters from one county to another, or from one district to the next, is advantageous to aspirants but disadvantageous to the citizens.

Speaker Chambers who frowned on vote trucking argued that the act is also disadvantageous to the county or district from where citizens are being trucked. He said it decreases the population of those areas.

Speaker Chambers who have warned against voters trucking during the ongoing biometric voter registration exercise across the country said trucking is an anti-democratic practice that should not be tolerated.

The speaker added that voter trucking undermines development, which is driven by population.

He, therefore, called on political aspirants to desist and allow the citizens to register in their county of residence.

“Politicians who are in the habit of trucking voters are only doing that to get power; they are not in the interest of the people,” he said.

The undemocratic practice of said voter trucking, he noted, only imposes leaders who aren’t the choice of the residents of the county they have been trucked to.

Meanwhile, Chambers has called on Marylanders to take advantage of the ongoing voter registration exercise.

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“I want you to register so that you can reelect President Weah for his second term. If you don’t register you will not have the power to reelect us,” he pleaded with Marylanders.

He assured Marylanders of continuous support from the CDC-led government, noting that the government is committed to providing basic social services, health care delivery, security, education, agriculture, and road connectivity.

He then called on his supporters to overwhelmingly vote and re-elect President Weah for a second term so as to complete the work he has already started.

“Maryland is one of the strongholds of the CDC-led government in the southeast and we aren’t prepared to relinquish it to anyone come October 10, 2023,” he declared.

When asked how credible and reliable the process is, Chambers said registration will ensure that the election is carried out void of multiple voting, as well as other irregularities, fraud, and many other negative election-related issues.

“I see the introduction of the BVR exercise as an important step to conducting a free, fair, and transparent election on October 10, and future elections,” the Speaker noted.

Chambers said the introduction of the biometrics shows that democracy in Liberia is growing and getting better under this CDC-led government.

“In the conduct of election activities, Liberia has to graduate from the traditional method and must try to meet up with some nations in our sub region and the west,” Chambers noted. Chambers is seeking a 4th mandate as a representative of the Pleebo Sodoken district, comprising another six years. It can be recalled that during the 2017 general and presidential elections, Speaker Chambers won with 7,858 votes, which constituted 57.3%.

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