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Voters trucking underway in Sinoe County by-election

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Credible information reaching The New Dawn from Greenville, Sinoe County, speaks of plan by would-be contestants for a vacant representative seat in the National Legislature created by the death of late Representative J. Nagbe Sloh to truck voters to the county.

In Monrovia, would-be contestants for the representative seat have already begun sending agents to communities to encourage eligible voters to travel to Sinoe County to register and vote for them during the electoral process.

One of the agents of a contestant who previously worked in the past and current governments, Elijah Williams Koffa, without any fear engages residents of electoral districts #15 and 12 respectively in Montserrado County to truck them to the county for a cash bounty of US$50.00.

Koffa claims that potential voters willing to travel with him there would receive initial payment of US$25.00 besides feeding and accommodation which will be shouldered by the expected host while in Sinoe.

He declines to reveal name of the aspirant in whose favor voters are being scouted to go register and vote in the county, but said his boss is a female who had held senior position in government.

Agent Koffa informs interested individuals that upon boarding a vehicle that would commute them to the county, an advance payment of US$25.00 would be handed them and final payment made upon completion of the voting process.

He brags that his unnamed boss is a female aspirant who enjoys confidence of the people of Sinoe County, which motivates her to join the race for the vacant representative seat of the county.

Voters’ trucking has become rampant during election period in Liberia especially, by people vying for elected positions.

During the 2017 Presidential and Representatives elections, several persons, including men, women, and youth were arrested in Bentol City, Montserrado County by the Liberia National Police (LNP) following a tip-off for allegedly trucking voters.

Some of those arrested were in possession of two to three duplicated voter’s cards in complete violation of the electoral law of Liberia. The law states that only a Liberian citizen is eligible to register and vote, and is entitled to one voter’s card in an election. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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