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Voters urged to save Liberia

By Emmanuel wise Jipoh 

Independent presidential hopeful Robert T. Morris has appealed to potential voters to save Liberia through their decisions at the ballot box this October.

Appearing as a special guest on local radio in Monrovia Tuesday, 6 June 2023, Mr. Morris urged Liberians to vote for the future and think ahead.

Mr. Morris said Liberia needs to be saved from the hands of the wicked ones who have pushed the country backward over the years.

He criticized the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)-led government for allegedly doing the worst to increase the suffering of Liberians.

But Mr. Morris believes that Liberians can make a U-turn, saying it rests in the hands of the young people.

“Our nation needs saving, and the young people are the only ones who can save Liberia,” said Mr. Morris.

The independent presidential hopeful early last week announced his bid for the Liberian presidency.

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He has cautioned Liberians that the fight and survivability of Liberia rest on the decision of the people.

Morris stated that if Liberians cannot fight to save their nation, the people and the children will not have any nation to call their own in the nearest future. 

He pleaded with Liberians to see how far they have gone as a country and look to the future which will be determined in the crucial October elections.

He said to change Liberia only requires a leader with vision and understanding that is being practicalized into realities.

He cited improving every sector of the country, including the revamping of the education and health sectors as some of the practical steps leaders must take.

He also noted the improvement of the livelihoods of the people, creating jobs, and empowering the youths, women and children.

According to Mr. Morris, one of the major problems facing the country is acute poverty, despite infrastructure developments and human resources potential.

“If you go around some, you can see our people are suffering, no jobs for our young people, majority of them are now engaged into bad habits, turning into disadvantaged youths,” he lamented.

“If you go to the hospitals, no better health facility, our patients are being transferred to neighboring countries for survival,” he continued.

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