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VP Boakai Movement replies critics

The Movement for Vice President Joseph N. Boakai’s presidency has rubbished criticisms that the Government of Liberia has failed in its deliverables to the people.

Addressing a news conference in Monrovia recently, the secretary general of the Movement, Robert M. Kpadeh, argued that at no time government has ever failed in all of it promises to the Liberian people.
Kpadeh, an ex-deputy minister for technical services at the Ministry of information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, says government is committed to the people and is not in the business of telling lies.
According to him, the current administration has scored high marks for the establishment of anti-graft institutions to fight corruption and taking development to the people in all 15 political sub-divisions of the country.
“How can anyone argue that this government has done nothing, or failed when we begin to experience freedom of speech, something which we never had in this country; how can anyone argue that this government has done nothing, or failed when we have quality education than what it was in the previous governments; how can anyone argue that this government has done nothing, or failed when most of our community colleges are operating to the fullest, providing education to our people in the rural parts of the country. I think this unfair; their argument and analysis about this government is baseless, and it belongs in the garbage”, he defended.
According to the secretary general of the Movement for Boakai Presidency, the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led government is the first in the history of Liberia to provide a high level freedom of speech where anyone can get up at any time and say negative things about people that are in power, further arguing the government did not do all these things but it also provided access to water supply, and the connection of the hydro power plant projects, which are under construction.
In December while dedicating newly constructed housing units outside Monrovia, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf mocked critics of her administration, saying “I did plenty nothing”, as she deliberately listed recently dedicated projects, which critics seem not to recognize as achievement.
“Today, I did plenty nothing. You heard me ehn, The first nothing I did I went to LEC to see the new generator that [is] coming in two weeks to give more electricity to Monrovia – that’s nothing,” Madam Sirleaf said Friday, 18 December at the dedication of 35 housing units in Brewerville, outside Monrovia.
She also cited as “nothing,” the ongoing work at the Mount Coffey Hydro power plant and wished that her critics could see a “whole village” there that has become modernized with better houses; young women there driving dump trucks and others already trained to put in the big turbines to have Mount Coffey functional again. Edited by Jonathan Browne

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