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VP Boakai wants sports academy in New Kru Town

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Liberia’s Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has proposed the establishment of a Borough Sports Academy in New Kru Town thru a comprehensive sports program.

“This will enable us prepare our youths in all aspects of sports .The goal of a sports academy is not just about football .It is part of a strategy to develop what I refer to as a TOTAL YOUTH grounded in discipline and ethics, guided by a deep sense of nationhood and patriotism”, he says.

Addressing the finals of the New Kru Town Community Sports League recently in the borough on Bushrod Island, suburb of Monrovia, Mr. Boakai noted that Liberian youths continue to exhibit resilience in the face of mounting national challenges, noting that there are those who might choose to see themselves as an object of pity while there are others who dare to conquer confronting these challenges by taking ownership and initiatives at different levels.

“It was deeply moved when the young men and women of the Federation of Borough Youths approached me to sponsor these games. They presented a program and offered ideas that would improve their community and restore the past glory of the likes of the great Bame, St. Joseph Warriors, Invincible Eleven, Mighty Barrolle, Bajenek: Teams produced from the belly of the Borough of New Kru Town .These young people are determined to revive a spirit of success in sports.”

He said the initiative was supported out of a deep and abiding commitment to sports based on the confidence that these young potentials can be developed to bring national pride.
The Vice President said he was grateful the young people created an opportunity for him to share with them and participate in their dreams for better community by moving from dreams and ideas to reality and action.

He called for support to enable them achieve beyond their dreams. “I would suggest that this initiative be supported and sustained approach must be designed. I suggest that these events become an annual sporting event that will bring the young people of our communities together and develop a team from the Borough that can compete at the National team.”
VP Boakai then urged youth of the borough to locate a place on the Island or elsewhere to establish the Borough Sports Academy, saying “Let’s show the world what Talents lie beneath the challenges we face .It is time to restore the Glory Days of the Borough when we produced some of the greatest players Liberia has ever known .We must rekindle the proud history.”

He also recommended for the development of a girls’ soccer team, pledging his fullest support in working with the youths to achieve these goals. The Vice President said besides these tournaments, the Federation of Borough Youths requested a computer school and library.” We have commenced discussions in that direction. All computers will be provided for the school .We will work together to make it a reality”, he promised.

Mr. Boakai said sports are about competition, unity, tolerance and a sense of community. “This unity compels us to re-build our community and nation .It must re-energize all of us to realize that the collective good of all must be our focus.”

As he presented trophy to the winning team, the VP Boakai said he was not oblivious of the bigger challenge facing the community, which is threatened by sea erosion. “We play on a football pitch, which is threatened by sea erosion .Our beloved New Kru Town where great men and women have thread is threatened .Our Nation face a great threat! To leave here without any mention of this will show insensitivity to what young people worry about the most .We urge all of us to show the same enthusiasm that we have shown in these games and together to address this problem”, he challenged.

He the young people have demonstrated what can be achieved when “a determined group of people “comes together, and stressed that the sea erosion is not only a threat to New Kru Town but also a threat to Liberia and the world.

“We must come together to solve this problem. I Pledge my personal commitment and partnership in addressing this problem. I invite leaders of the community to join me soon to discuss this and accelerate the existing national efforts to deal with this problem.”

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