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VP Boakai welcomes NDC endorsement

Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai has whole heartedly welcomed endorsement of his bid for the Presidency by the National Democratic Coalition or NDC.

In a statement, Vice President said: And now, against the backdrop of this most welcome endorsement, I do hereby with deep humility and great anticipation, wholeheartedly accept this endorsement of the National Democratic Coalition (NDC). Be assured that I am fully conscious of the huge responsibility and obligation it carries. I pray that I will equal the task.”

The Vice President also expressed that he feels so highly honored, as a humble son of the soil, to become the beneficiary of the trust of the sum total of all the struggles, sacrifices, indignities, injustices, and all that the NDC braves and courageous advocates of rights endured in their just struggle for the space to serve their country, Liberia.

He further expressed gratitude for the huge honor the NDC has done him and his family, while noting that he considers the endorsement a giant testimony of trust and confidence in his experience, loyalty and commitment to Liberia.

Mr. Boakai said he is on his knees in deep supplication to the common creator to take hold of him and strengthen his capacity to live to the yearnings, aspirations and hopes of the Liberian people.
He challenged the NDC to bring along with the endorsement all that it has to help share the common direction of healing, reconciliation, love of country, and reconstruction.

Ambassador Boakai added that his optimism is backed by evidence of a slew of positive record breaking political development of late in the political arena, be it with the youth, the women, and the progressives.

He said they are all witnesses to the historic and unprecedented transfer of authority that took place at the Unity Party Convention held in Gbarnga, Bong County in Central Liberia just about two months ago.

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“A remarkable historic feat was the taking over of the mantle of the Party as the new Standard Bearer from an outgoing Standard Bearer who sat there living, breathing, and radiating with broad smiles”, he noted.

It is noteworthy he averred that the outgoing Standard Bearer was none other than the NDC own comrade in the struggle, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, another graduate of the torment, abuse, and injustice that was meted out to those who raised their voices against the ills of society.

Boakai said it will hence be remiss not to acknowledge the critical contribution of President Sirleaf in elevating the national political discourse, keeping the lid off free speech, and illuminating Liberia’s image on the international stage. Statement

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