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VP Lauds Christian and Muslim Communities in Foya and Kolahun

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Vice President Joseph N. Boakai Sr. has lauded the Christian and Muslim communities of Foya and Kolahun Districts for the peaceful co-existence they have maintained over the years.

He observed that the development taking place in the district and the country at large would not have taken place had there not been religious tolerance in the two districts, adding, “You are a very good example of peaceful co-existence.”

Vice President Boakai made the commendation on Monday, September 12 and Saturday, September 10 during consultative meetings with the Christian and Muslim Communities at the Foya and Kolahun Town Halls.

“Even resolving to comport yourselves in a peaceful manner constitutes support to the government, because if there is no peace, government will not accomplish its set goals,” he observed.

The Liberian Vice President noted that ” whether  you belong to the Christian or Muslim faith, we are all the same family members who have chosen to serve God the way we do” and hence that this should in no way affect the we live or interact with one another.”

He then called on the Muslim and Christian communities to re-elect the Unity Party-led Government so that it can continue the development it started during its first term.

“In the next six years, we intend to improve the livelihood of all Liberians by constructing roads, hospitals, schools and undertaking other development initiatives,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Unity Party on Sunday and Monday officially launched its campaign in Foya Statutory District and Kolahun Ditrict. The ceremonies which attracted thousands of partisans and sympathizers were held on the grounds of the Foya Town Hall and the Kolahun City Hall. They were preceded by parades through the principal streets of Foya and Kolahun Towns.

Vice President Boakai who served as chief launcher of the campaign, reiterated his call on the people of Kolshun and Foya Statutory Districts to give the Unity Party a second chance to continue its development agenda.

“It is all about the youth of our country. We want to see them prepare themselves learn so that they can effectively execute their future leadership roles. The Unity Party is the car that is ready to move. Get on board let’s move. Don’t wait for a vehicle that is undergoing repairs in the garage,” the Vice President said.

“Ellen is a woman of substance who has the right contacts and know-how to move this country forward,” the Vice President added.

“We should move with purpose to win the election in one round,” the Vice President said as he declared the campaigns officially open.   

The co-launcher of the campaign, Lofa County Superintendent Galakpai Kortimai described the people of Foya and Kolahun Districts as the bedrock of the Unity Party, and challenged them to go all out and win over undecided voters, so that the party can win 2011 election in one round.

He appealed to citizens of the two districts to vote not only for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but all candidates running on the Unity Party ticket.

Other co-launchers, Mr. Clarence Massaquoi, Representative aspirant, District Number 3, Madam Mariamu Fofana, Representative Aspirant, District Number 4, and Hon. Moses Kollie, Representative Candidate, District Number 5, appealed to the voting populations of the two districts to re-elect the Unity Party so that it can continue its development agenda.

In his keynote address on Sunday, September 11 during the launch of the campaign in Foya, the former Chief Education Officer of Lofa County, Mr. John F. Kendor commended the Unity Party-led government for decentralizing education in the country.        

He also commended the Government for declaring free compulsory elementary education, noting that this has increased school enrollment not only in Foya District but throughout the country.

Mr. Kendor, who is also Chairman of the Lofa County Education Board said he has closely followed the development initiatives of the Unity Party-led Government including the construction of roads, increment in teachers’ salaries and prompt payment of civil servants’ salaries.

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