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VP Office suggests Cabinet reshuffle

The Bong County Office Coordinator of Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor Mr. Kusee Armstrong is cautioning President George Manneh Weah to restructure the cabinet, saying those that are not performing in certain areas should be transferred to different places.

“You got to restructure our cabinet, if the guys are not performing at certain areas, you sent them to certain areas that they can be able to perform,” Mr. Armstrong told journalists in Bong County recently.

He suggests the need to patronize good governance as an integral part of peace building here and to “stop friendship politics” and bring qualified and abled manpower.Kusee claims that there are some instances where friendship will be prioritized over national interest.

He cautions that there is a need that officials leave Facebook and focus on professional things that bring development to the people, reduce the way officials dress and the cars the ride so that they can begin to live like masses.He believes that the masses will gain hope in their officials if they start to change the way they do things.

He laments that he campaigned for the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in 2017, so seeing the party losing a popular seat in Montserrado County tells that the party needs to re-energize itself and go back to the drawing board.Armstrong urges President Weah to listen and get himself un-clustered with too much surroundings, so that he can become a leader with good dreams.

“But if you cannot listen to the ordinary man, you’re bound to fall as a leader,” Kusee says, expressing fear that the “Liberian people might not” carry the CDC in 2023 election if the president and the government do not perform.“And let’s say this, even myself if the Coalition does not perform, I will not vote for the Coalition. I’m saying it with clear heart,” Armstrong continues.

“We are not living up to the expectation of our people, and governance is expensive. Globally, to become a leading political party, or a leading government you must have all of the characteristics or the charisma to run governance. And running governance comes with responsibilities,” he notes.Kusee explains that governance is about oversight and providing solutions to the people’s problems.

According to him, the patience Liberians had with former President Ellen Johnson – Sirleaf’s regime will not be the patience that they will have with the CDC regime.He observes that since they took over as the ruling establishment, “we” have not lived up to the Coalition establishment.

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He notes that there are still disgruntled members of various political parties that are part of the coalition, noting that “LPDP (Liberian People Democratic Party) is not satisfied,” as well as some CDCians and some members of the National Patriotic Party (NPP).The Vice President’s County Office Coordinator warns that the fragmentation of the various Coalition members puts a serious challenge to the survival of the coalition.

He says the CDC should not be losing election in Montserrado in just two years, noting that it’s a signal that the masses are angry and need immediate response to their problems.By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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