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VP Taylor alarms over spike in mysterious deaths

Urges police to be vigilant and step up their game 

By Lincoln G. Peters

Liberia’s Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has been alarmed over the spike in mysterious deaths and kidnapping across the country, referring to them as an “alarming emergency.” 

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, 29 September 2021 at her Capitol Building Office, Madam Howard – Taylor called on security forces across the country to be vigilant and beef up their operations.

Vice President Howard-Taylor explained that the current death and kidnapping across the country are alarming, urging the security forces here to make sure that the situation is investigated and brought under control.

“It pains my heart as a female VP when I wake up in the morning and hear about repeated and reported deaths across the country. Women are raped, killed, and murdered in cold blood,” she said.

She lamented that women are now feeling more insecure than ever before in the country, urging the security forces to put in place measures to protect citizens.

“The situation where women’s private parts are cut off when discovered dead; Story of young people allegedly killed for ritualistic purposes in Monrovia is alarming and now it calls for those of us who are national leaders to speak out,” said VP Taylor.

She noted that national leaders should add their voices to the many that enough is enough and the police should ensure the safety of the children, women, and girls here.

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She warned that these things have international implications, with a strong emphasis on the economic, peace, security, and investment climate of our country if it’s not addressed. 

According to Madam Taylor, what is happening in the country is being posted on the internet, and investors and others are seeing it, adding that if it is not mitigated and investigated by the Justice Ministry, Liberia stands the risk.

The Vice President noted that as far as she knows, it’s the government’s responsibility to provide security, peace, and protection for all its citizens through all its security forces.

“Limited resources should not be used by the Liberia National Police and other security forces to shield themselves from providing security and protection for citizens,” she argued. 

“They have taken the responsibility to do so and they should do. They should revamp their night checkpoint and begin to re-engage the community and make sure that people are searched at night,” VP Taylor continued.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/woman-discovered-dead-half-naked-with-bruises-in-caldwell-samukai-town/-Edited by Winston W. Parley

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