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VP Taylor speaks about her personal life

Hearing Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor publicly reveal her personal life as she did at a recent forum for girls in Monrovia is uncommon of any contemporary Liberian leader in recent memory.

But then VP Taylor is more than a contemporary leader. She can become brutally frank sometimes especially, on a topic that strikes her heart such as one that focuses on the future of young girls.

So, it came as a hair-raising moment when, while speaking recently at a mentorship forum for girls organized by the group, Books Before Boys in Monrovia, she dug deeply into her closet and brought out story about her personal relationship just to advise young girls how to proceed in life.      

“Just one kiss can give a person glandular fever, also known as the kissing disease, and HIV/AIDS is just climbing because everybody is sleeping with everybody”, she notes.

“I am currently 60 years old”, Vice President Taylor reveals, and narrates, “I do not think that I have had five boyfriends, who [I] have slept with in the whole Republic of Liberia because I don’t worry about them. Some of them have died; some are not here anymore; so, when I step on the stage, I don’t be ashamed because there is no man, who I have slept with that’s here and [that’s] what gives you the pride.”

That was daring and unorthodox of a leader, particularly in a society where sex discussion in public, is largely still off-limits.   

VP Taylor: “Nobody coming to me and saying that woman is fine so I want you, because you and me are not in that oneself. The man that I want, I will walk to that man and say this is the man I want.”

She laments that sleeping around or promiscuity has become common among young people in Liberia, adding “We see people doing all kinds of dancing.”

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If young girls at the forum have been truly seeking a mentor, they no doubt found one in Vice President Taylor. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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