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VP Taylor’s ambition

-Is the president uncomfortable?

Opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC) political leader Alexander Cummings is cautioning President George Manneh Weah against feeling threatened by Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor’s‘ambition,’ saying the president should want strong, ambitious people
that will push him and move the country forward.

“You got to be comfortable with yourself as a leader. You can’t be insecure. You should want strong, ambitious people. They will push you,” Cummings said during a talk show on local radio Sky FM Thursday,30 January in Monrovia.

His caution to the president comes in the wake of Vice President Taylor’s written complaint to the Liberian Senate, expressing concerns that her office is not being funded in line with the budget to enableher to execute her duties which has compelled her to stay away from office for weeks.

“I am saddened to inform you, as elders of our Nation, that the situation remains that bills due my office from 2018-2019 are still not paid and the operational expenses which I needed for the effective running or functioning of my office (Office of the Vice President ofthe Republic of Liberia), during 2018 – 2019 and 2019 – 2020 budget years have not been paid,” Madam Taylor wrote recently.

She furthered that the situation has left her without the proper security arrangements for her safe movements and without the ability to provide necessities for her office, as the security vehicles,
including 2 bullet proof vehicles, needed for the movements have still not been provided to her detail.

“As a result, I have been unable to leave my home over the past 3 weeks. I am therefore constrained to inform this Honorable Body thatdue to the constraints described, I am unable to attend to my duties during this opening of the 3rd Session of the 54th NationalLegislature 2020 until these constraints are attended to,” she said.

The President Pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert T. Chie has constituted a committee which includes Sen. Kangar-Lawrence; Grand Cape Mount County Sen. Varney Sherman; River Gee County Sen. Conmany B. Wesseh; Bomi County Sen. Sando Johnson and Montserrado County Sen.
Abraham Darius Dillon to work with the various ministries and agencies of the Executive Branch to ensure that the matter raised by Vice President Howard – Taylor is resolved and the Vice President can return to work.

However, Mr. Cummings reminds President Weah that Madam Taylor is the second person elected on the ruling party ticket, cautioning that evenif she’s ambitious, that’s not a reason not to fund her office to execute her job.

“You can’t be threatened by that, alright. He’s the president of this country. He’s got you know, four more years to be president, right.

The vice president constitutionally can’t, doesn’t have any responsibility. It’s off, that’s just a fact. It can’t be, right, andso you should leverage that, right. But you know again, for me there’s
… disconnect,” he adds.When deciding who to pick as running mate, Cummings notes that one of the primary consideration he would have is “God forbid,” if something happens to him (Cummings), that person needs to be qualified to step right in and the country continues.

He says if the president has ambitious people around him, they will take credit at the moment, but history will judge the president as the person that was successful in leading the country in the future but not the ambitious people.

As such, Cummings suggests that strong people, smart people are needed to help to make the team and the country move forward.

According to him, in the end what people have to realize is that history will not remember those people but the president will be remembered.

He says ten or twenty years from now if the president is successful,the credit would be given to him as President Weah or whoever served as president in the past, noting that it will not remember who the minister was or who the vice president was.

Further, Mr. Cummings criticizes President Weah for declaring himself feminist while he has a female vice president who is not looked after in the appropriate way.

“All I am saying is the president can’t say he’s a feminist, and he has a female or woman vice president who is not being looked after in the appropriate way constitutionally,” Cummings argues.“She’s not being allowed to execute her role because she’s not being funded and again she talks about the disrespect, etc., etc.,” Cummings asserts.

He argues that you can’t be a feminist and you have a female vice president who is not supported, adding that he can’t understand thisfuss because it seems like there’s no need for this treatment that Vice President Taylor gets.

“I don’t know what happened in the inner cycle, but what I do know is you can’t call yourself feminist and then, this thing happens with the VP. So that for me it says that question whether he’s a true feministor …, and we should question that, right,” Cummings continues.
He notes that he’s sure there’s some issues which he doesn’t know, but he argues that they must be solved and the President got to show an example that’s visible.By Winston W. Parley

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