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WAAGA to Improve Golf in Liberia

The West African Amateur Golf Association (WAAGA) has promised to improve Liberian Golf to International standard.

Speaking at the weekend when he visited the Liberia Golf Association (LGA), Abel Edinomo, Secretary General of WAAGA, said he is in the country upon the request of LGA President, Nelson Oniyama, to access Liberia Golf facilities for possible assistance. Edinomo described the atmosphere among players of the game in the country as very good.

Meanwhile, upon the invitation of WAAGA, four Liberian youthful Golfers will on 2oth October depart the Country for a four-day sub regional Tournament in the West African Nation of Nigeria.

Although the names of LGA representatives to this competition is not yet disclosed, Jacob Smith, Secretary General of LGA said WAAGA has promised to under write the cost of transportation to and from Nigeria, feeding and accommodation and local transportation as well.

WAAGA Tournament Director Chief Abushie O. Dihili and Secretary General Abel Edinomo upon the request of LGA President Nelson Oniyama paid a three day visit to Liberia. The sub regional Golf governing body’s delegation was in the country to basically find how Liberian Golf program looks like for possible enhancement and to formally request Liberia’s membership with WAAGA.

In response, LGA President Nelson Oniyama lauded WAAGA for identifying with Liberia, describing the visit as a milestone to LGA in years to come. Oniyama expressed joy that at long last, the World has now recognized and included Liberia in the map of Golf.

“You know we have come a long way struggling to bring this Association to this point, hosting two top Executives of WAAGA is really a big boost for all Golfers in this country,” Oniyama said.

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