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WAFU Not Priority – BYC

Liberia’s Super Cup holders, Barrack Young Controllers have said that the WAFU (West Africa Football Union) competition is not their priority.

The Controllers and Mighty Barrolle have been extended invitations to represent Liberia in the upcoming WAFU tournament. The date and venue of the competition was not disclosed to this paper.

In reaction to the invitation, Sekou Konneh, President of the Barrack Young Controllers  vowed not participate in any international tournament now because of their engagements in the ongoing local competitions-premiership and Knock-out.

According to him, BYC did not register for the ongoing confederation as a result of major errors made by the LFA to include the submission of his team’s documents to CAF. The LFA’s action- whether deliberate or not, led to the suspension of LFA’s Secretary General Idrissa Kaba for one (1) month.

Kaba was reported to have been held liable for not registering BYC in the Confederation of African Football (CAF) competition. Konneh also told this paper via mobile phone that BYC will work for its slot and not favor by the FA. “We need to merit our slot so as to represent Liberia and not a cover-up tactic,” he said.

However, Mighty Barrolle and Watanga Football Club will now represent Liberia at the international tournament.

Blamon Remains Focus

Cinnaminson High School in American boys’ basketball was forced to finish their season early Wednesday night after a second round loss in the play-offs against Haddonfield. The final score was 62-57.

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The five-point win was up and down from the very start. The Pirates had plenty of plays and options to run against the Bulldawgs. The five-point loss was just as close live as it was on paper. But the strategy proved to be not enough for Cinnaminson.

“We just came to practice. We knew what we had to do to get them. We ran through every single play that we could to stop them, but the offense wasn’t working. They played great defense. There’s nothing we could do about that,” said Blaman.

Blamon didn’t have a very hot hand like he did in games past this season. He only scored three points in the first half. However, his rebounding was strong as it always is. He contributed 14 rebounds on the night.

“Blamon can rebound the ball from 30 feet out,” said Haddonfield head coach Paul Wiedeman. “He is relentless. So, we made that a point of emphasis to box out [Max] DiLeo, Blamon and [Xavier] Wilson and we tried our best. It was good enough tonight.”

“It was a big factor,” said Cinnaminson head coach Mike Fries. “He kept coming in and out of the game. He never really got into a rhythm. We were up 9-4 to start the game and then he went out. We had to sit around for about five minutes. It really hurt.”

By the end of the first quarter, the Pirates led 12-9. Their second quarter was not as exciting as their first. They only racked up five total points. The Pirates say goodbye to Oluwayose, Mark Berardis, who was sick throughout the playoffs, Blamon and DiLeo as they move on to bigger and better things.

However, time spent on the court with each other will always resonate with them—especially for the bond between Blamon and DiLeo.

“I just had fun,” said Blamon. “Max is a great kid. We have so much fun together. I like playing with him. Off and on the court we’re great friends. Nothing else I can say about it.”

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