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Waitress sues Mamba Point Hotel for US$827,125

A waitress claiming to be injured while on duty has sued the Mamba Point Hotel in Monrovia, demanding US$827,125 from management, a combined figure for general damages and expenses she incurred in the process of seeking medication at various health centers since the incident in September 2015.

Ms. Jenneh Dee in a complaint filed at the Civil Law Court says she was serving customers up stairs, when she went to use the bathroom and fell on the wet floor returning to continue her service.

She said the incident has left her with continuous pain and almost impossible to walk. She is demanding US$825,000 for general damages, and another US$2,125 in special damages, totaling US$827,125.

She complains that the Hotel requested her to stay at home after the incident until she can get well, but alleges that management only paid her monthly salary without any medical assistance.

“Plaintiff say what became more frustrating to her was when the General Manager fell from the same steps, one week after her fall, he was flown to Lebanon for treatment which made her to feel that the Defendants were not concerned about her health but to see to it that she die or become paralyzed as it is gradually happening to her now”, she was quoted in her written complaint as saying.

She appears to accuse the Mamba Point Hotel of initially doubting that she was injured after falling on the floor, claiming that management had thought she only wanted to stay home and receive her salary without working for it.

Ms. Dee says she had always informed the management through telephone and her workmates about her worsening health condition that threatened her life before the Hotel asked her to stay home until she recovers.

She says she was recommended to undergo MRI Scan due to spinal injury she incurred, and to seek operation and treatment outside of Liberia on grounds that her case could not be handled here.
Having allegedly made the medical report available to the Hotel management, Ms. Dee claims that the Hotel stopped paying her monthly salary, thus creating “complete suffering and hardship for her” because she was unable to move around by herself to obtain medications or provide for the family.

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Due to the Hotel’s alleged action against Ms. Dee, she claims that she became a beggar to get transport to go to hospital. She concludes that the Hotel was only willing to pay her off and provide salaries for the months of April to December 2015 “as a favor for her”.

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