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“War and Victory” Over Poverty

Developing Energy Sector Means Real “War and Victory” Over Poverty

Liberia’s Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy, Patrick Sendolo, last Thursday announced to the nation, a number of developments in the energy sector under the auspices of the government and partners. Major among those named by Minister Sendolo was the official groundbreaking for the Mount Coffee General Projects scheduled for January 2014, which he said, would cover 3 Heavy Fuel Oil Plants, JICA-funded 10 MW under construction, as well as a World Bank-funded 10MW implementation already in progress, and a GOL-funded 18 MW being implemented.

Others earmarked are the Monrovia – Kakata 66 KV transmission line and cross border transmission. According to him, the Liberian Government, in collaboration with its partners, will upgrade substations on Bushrod Island from 10 MVA to 90 MVA; New Kru Town, from 10 MVA to 23 MVA and Paynesville from 10 MVA to 13 MVA.

As part of a higher leap towards the development of the energy, the minister also outlined plans for the implementation of 20 electricity or power projects across the country, with some already ongoing, while others are scheduled for the summer of 2014, naming the Monrovia System Projects which involve a monthly connection of 1,000 residents in various communities, including Chocolate City, OAU Village and King Gray, among others. Central Monrovia and Sinkor will receive a distribution line of 22 KV extending to 20th Street in Sinkor, while Bushrod Island, Central Monrovia (Capitol Substation) to Paynesville will receive 66 KV distribution line, using steel poles and modern streetlights.

Also included in the plans is to expand distribution to new communities, such as Rehab Road, Zuba Town Road, RIA highway and Congo Town Back Road, respectively. Also targeted are Catholic Hospital/ Sophie Community, Logan Town, St. Paul Bridge, Doe Community and Via Town. This is a direct impact-making initiative, and the fact that all of these energy projects would one way or the other positively affects the livelihood of thousands of Liberians, the government must be hailed.

The success of these projects would definitely mean “renewed life amid light”, and that hundreds of Liberians would be engaging in various economic activities across the country for the real “war and victory” over poverty. It is, therefore, incumbent upon us all to constructively engage the Liberian Government with our moral support as a way of motivating it to be very progressive towards the realization of such national dream, devoid of our political differences. We can only hope that the government would commit itself to these plans as well and not have them as another white elephant piling dusts.

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