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Warning: Chaos, impunity loom

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Liberia’s former Information Minister Amb. Lewis G. Brown says the country is gradually descending into serious chaos due to the high level of impunity, and lawlessness here.

“There is a total breakdown of law and order around us. You compromise one law, you should be ready to compromise all,” Amb. Brown said during a press conference over the weekend.

The former Liberian Ambassador to the United Nations is now the chairman of the Campaign Team of presidential hopeful Alexander B. Cummings who heads the opposition Collaboration Political Parties (CPP)/Alternative National Congress (ANC).

Amb. Brown told the press conference that Liberia is gradually dragging into chaos and violence because of the high level of impunity and lawlessness practiced by the government.

“We have to speak and protect this country because we are in [a] crucial period. If we continue to ignore the violence and conflict that is breeding, Liberia will not be able to stop the conflict tomorrow,” he warned.

“Let us pray for our country, Liberia. We are in a difficult time. All this is act of lawlessness happening because there is too much impunity in the country,” Amb. Brown said further.

He said in traffic, people drive lawlessly, everybody [is] taking every opposite lane. At the height of this, he lamented that there is this simple truth that there is too much impunity in this country.

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Amb. Brown warned that while Liberia descends into chaos, silence is only acting to perform chaos and lawlessness.

According to him, the wrong message is sent when the country becomes so lawless, and when people start to feel that it’s normal to be lawless.

He warned that lawlessness will stop all citizens ultimately, thereby suggesting the need for everyone to work collectively to end lawlessness and impunity in the country.

“We must end this attitude of lawlessness. I want to speak on this matter of national urgency. All around us we are witnessing fear and violence in our country all because of lawlessness,” said Amb. Brown. 

He complained about disregard for the rule of law and in some cases agencies, and those with the authority to uphold the law are not doing so.

According to him, recently, the University of Liberia was seen not as a place of learning, because it was it had descended into chaos, dishonor and violence by government officials with authority to provide law and order in the country. 

He also stated that many Liberians also lost their lives in a recent tragic car accident because of the same lawlessness in driving.

The former Information Minister contended that chaos and lawlessness will only multiply in the country when those with authority to act decide to not act, even if they are asked to do so by law. 

“When you are supposed to act fearlessly, fairly, independently and you fail to do so, then you yourself [are] setting the basis for chaos and confusion in the country,” said Amb. Brown. 

He reminded those in authority that they have a duty to protect the country’s democracy, noting that too many give their lives for this democracy that Liberians are enjoying.

He claimed that lawlessness and fear are too much to the point that government officials can only speak the truth in private.

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