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Water crisis grips Feetuah

-As residents struggle for access to safe drinking water

Residents of Feetuah town in Bong Country lack safe drinking water, and have resorting to fetching contaminated water from creeks to drink, exposing them to waterborne diseases.  

By Joseph Titus Yekeryan 

Bong, Liberia, April 24, 2024 – In the heart of Sannoyea, Bong County in Central Liberia, the town of Feetuah faces a dire situation as its 2,000 residents grapple with the scarcity of safe drinking water. The absence of reliable water sources has plunged the community into a state of uncertainty and brought to light the urgent need for sustainable solutions.

Mrs. Sianneh Johnson, a long-time resident of Feetuah, expressed her concerns, stating, “Water is essential for our survival, yet we are forced to walk long distances in search of contaminated water sources. Our health is at risk, and our children are particularly vulnerable to waterborne diseases.”

The lack of safe drinking water in Feetuah has far-reaching consequences, affecting the residents’ health, livelihoods, and overall quality of life. 

According to town chief Aaron Foloquah, the town had three handpumps, but all have been damaged, and residents are left with no alternative but to fetch contaminated water from a distance.

 Without access to clean water, families struggle to maintain basic hygiene practices, agricultural activities suffer, and the risk of water-related illnesses looms large over the community.

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According to our Bong County Correspondent who visited the town on Wednesday, one crucial solution to address the water crisis in Feetuah is the installation of hand pumps.

Our Correspondent says doing so will reduce their dependence on unsafe water sources and mitigate the risks associated with waterborne diseases.

Kelvin Jutee, a community-based Health worker, emphasized the importance of hand pumps in Feetuah, stating, “Hand pumps are essential for ensuring access to safe drinking water in communities like Feetuah. By constructing hand pumps, we can empower residents to take control of their water supply and safeguard their health.”

“The construction of hand pumps in Feetuah would not only improve the residents’ access to safe drinking water but also contribute to the overall development and well-being of the community. With adequate water supply, residents can lead healthier lives, children can attend school regularly, and economic opportunities can flourish”, he adds.

As the residents of Feetuah continue to grapple with the water crisis, it is crucial for local and international stakeholders to come together and support initiatives that promote sustainable water management practices. 

Mr. Jutee said by prioritizing the installation of hand pumps and investing in long-term solutions, we can ensure that every resident of Feetuah has the fundamental human right to access safe and clean drinking water. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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