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Water shortage hits Kpoyoquelleh Clan in Bong

Over two thousand occupants in Karyata, the home –town of Bong County Senator Dr. Henrique FlomoTokpa, are said to be in dire need of safe drinking water and health facilities.
According to residents of the town in Kpoyoquelleh Clan, over the years they have been denied meaningful developments, causing them to drink from open-pit and nearby-stream.

Karyata is the headquarters of Kpoyoqueelleh Clan, situated in Electoral District#3 under the supervision of Representative Josiah Marvin Cole.

In an interview with this paper recently, the district #3 inhabitants explained that the lack of clean drinking water in Karyata and its environs has led dozens of the citizens to suffer from diarrhea and other water-borne diseases in the area.

The Karyata residents further say the situation is posing their lives at serious health risks, adding that there is a need to be given some attention and an urgent intervention if they are to live happily and healthy.

The residents say the inability of their lawmaker Sen. Tokpa and the government to provide the needed facilities is a clear demonstration that they have been marginalized.

They wonder while Representative Marvin Cole and Senator Tokpa, sons of the area, exclude Kpoyoquelleh Clan from their undertakings in the county.According to them, the absence of these social needs are posing a threat to their wellbeing, thereby causing them an unbearable health disaster.

The citizens lament that their rights to have access to equal opportunity have been violated over several years by leaders they elected to represent them.Additionally, the citizens say on many occasions they have been seeking assistance from some government officials including their lawmakers, but to no avail.

Our correspondent who visited Karyata gathers that citizens of the town walk several miles away from the town to fetch unsafe water for drinking and other domestic purposes.
Meanwhile, the Karyata residents are calling on their leaders to help them with hand-pumps, clinic and other major facilities.

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Regarding the health condition in the area, the citizens explain that it is one of the challenging issues affecting the town.They note pregnant women and other patients are transported to C. B. Dunbar or Phebe Hospital in the county to seek medication.
By Joseph Titus Yekeryan in Bong–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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