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Wayward youths disappointed in Police Chief

Police Inspector-General Col. Patrick Sudue has come under pressure from hundreds of less-fortunate Liberians, who have been benefiting from his COVID-19 free cooked meal distribution, for abruptly terminating the exercise.

A spokesman for the group Junior Thomas, alias “Sky Face” said, they are surprised by the sudden halt of the food distribution especially, at the time they needed it most.
He said while the Police Chief should be lauded for his humanitarian gesture, he is equally obliged to explain why food is no longer coming to them.

Thomas expressed frustration and demanded explanation from IG Sudue, noting that prior to the distribution, the LNP boss notified them that he would provide cooked meals to assist them sustain themselves amid the COVID-19 pandemic and State of Emergency declared by the government.

Thomas, who claimed to be a car loader on Broad Street, Monrovia argued that Col. Sudue should have informed them about plan to discontinue the program, which would have given them an idea not to depend on the food.

Inspector General Patrick Sudue for less than a month intervened by providing hot cooked meals daily to wayward youths in the streets, but abruptly ended the gesture at the disappointment of the beneficiaries.

Thomas acknowledged that the humanitarian relief from the police director helped most of them, who are underprivileged in society, to have something to eat each day but to their surprise, they stopped receiving the food.

The Inspector General’s cooked food distribution covered several parts of Monrovia and its environs, providing plates of hot cooked meals daily. Spokesman Thomas lamented that most of his colleagues are getting sick due to hunger, since Col. Sudue abruptly ended the free food distribution.

A less-fortunate woman, who is a beneficiary of Col. Sudue’s gesture in the Old Road community, is appealing to the Police Chief to do everything humanly possible in resuming the exercise to ease the food need of less-fortunate Liberians.

However, Police Spokesman, H. Moses Carter to the New Dawn Tuesday that the gesture was his boss’ own way of identifying with the less-fortunate in society. Carter added that Col. Sudue had no specifications or timeline set for the distribution of emergency cooked food to wayward Liberians, confirming that the exercise has ended.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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