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We Are Police Officers – Part I

Open your ears and listen to what we are about to say. Open your eyes and look at us. We are police officers. We are not hard to recognize. Our uniform identifies us. We are police officers. Is this too hard for you to understand? Believe us, people. We are police officers.

Yes, we say that we are police officers. We are all over the place – on the road, in the corner, in the community, on the highway, and so forth. We are police officers. We are not like the soldiers who like to be seen at specific places. We generally go where the chopping, not the crime, is. It is mainly about chopping. Da na fi-yah comin’ from our mou’h. We are police officers.

If professional deeds will ensure our chopping, then let it be. Da professionalism we will eat? By the way, don’t mind President Sirleaf telling you people that the country now has a professional police force. Professional police force? Where? Police da police. Generally speaking, our bosses are corrupt and cunning. Generally speaking, our trainers are corrupt and cunning. What do you except from the offsppring or the products of such people? You better understand that we are police officers.

Are you saying that you can’t see us? We are all over the place, although we like major intersections or junctions and strategic places, places that have the power to increase the level and intake of our chopping games.  Check Redlight. Check Mt. Barclay. Check the major highways. Check ELWA Junction. Check SKD Boulevard. Check Old Road Junction after LoneStar. Check Vamoma.

Check Twelfth Street and Boulevard junction. Check Capitol Bye-Pass Interaction. Check Broad and Johnson Street Intersection. Check Broad and Buchanan Street Intersection. Check Broad and Randall Street Interaction. Check Broad and Michelin Street interaction. Have you been to the Old Riad Joe Bar Market? We are there. Have you gone to Freeport and other places across? We are there, too.

We are more interested in stopping cars for money more than we are interested in directing traffic for the smooth flow of traffic. We are police officers. When last did you see us directing traffic in front of the University of Liberia, where cars and students and instructors intermingle daily? We don’t go there because those UL students like to put their mouth in everything. They will spoil our operation. They will sabotage our chopping tactics. We hate it. We are police officers.

Are you saying that you don’t know what we do and are capable of doing? Then open your eyes and hears. We are police officers.

We like to give commercial drivers hard time. It is our area. We eat it like kan-yan. We give them hard time in the morning. We give them hard time in the afternoon. We give them hard time in the evening, and we give them hard time at night. We are police officers. We do it because that’s the main way our pots can boil. We get our chopping that way.

Why do you think that some people call us chopping officers, and not police officers? Don’t you know that the place you tie goat da the place it eats? Ask the taxi drivers in this country, especially in this city. They know about us. Ask the bus drivers in this land. Ask commercial truck drivers going to, or coming from, places outside the capital. They know us well-well. We are chopping officers – we mean, police officers.

To be continued …
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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