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“We cannot be divided: We must fight together”


“To fight this virus, we cannot be divided. Just as we did during Ebola, we must fight together, united as one,” Mr. Alexander B Cummings said recently as he gave an appraisal of his Cummings Africa Foundation’s recent assessment of hospitals here.

His comment also comes barely two weeks after he offered to help the government in the fight against the raging coronavirus here which has spread to 13 of the country’s 15 counties.

Mr. Cummings’ Africa Foundation which pledged US150,000 as an initial contribution towards the fight against the covid-19 here reminded fellow citizens that like the EBOLA outbreak in 2014, the fight against COVID belongs to every Liberian.

“I know that for too long in our country, either because of our politics, or differences in our tribes, religions, or gender, we continue to be divided. We continue to treat each other with suspicion and distrust. This is not only a fight for our doctors and healthcare workers. This is a fight for all of us – teachers, students, market women, activists, community leaders, religious leaders, traditional leaders, business leaders, unions, drivers, securities, motorcyclists, and politicians. This is a fight for the private sector and the public sector. All of us need to get involved. Our country needs all of us to do our part,” he opined.

According to him, like the Ebola virus, covid-19 is not just a threat to some Liberians, nor is it for some other people. The Alternative National Congress Political leader bemoaned that the nation is facing a real health risk.

“None of us will be totally safe from this virus until all of us are actually safe. And so, old or young; ruling party or opposition; Muslims, Christians and people of all faiths; educated or uneducated; across every town and village; in every county; please, my fellow Liberians, I am asking you to get involved. Do your part to protect yourself, and your family.  Do your part to protect your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your fellow citizens,” he said.

Cummings explains that an individual doing his or her part simply means wearing a mask to cover your nose and mouth. Not just your mouth but your nose and mouth; washing your hands with soap and water plenty times in the day; stop shaking hands and hugging, for now; not being in crowded places or being crowded together;  during a COVID test if you are experiencing symptoms like cold, cough, fever, or body and headaches and taking the vaccine.

The ANC leader added that at the Cummings Africa Foundation, their approach is three-fold: First,  providing support to some public and private hospitals as best; Secondly, working with community leaders, civil society organizations, and the media to increase public awareness and messaging especially around prevention. And thirdly, and most importantly, to help the government as it leads the fight against the virus.

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“We are however trying to help the government succeed in this effort. And so, working with a broader team of experts, we will regularly update the government on what we are doing, and recommend additional steps, as required, to be taken by the government to seriously fight the virus, stop the spread, and end the infections in the country,” he addedhttps://thenewdawnliberia.com/cummings-foundation-commits-us150000-to-coronavirus-fight/.

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