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We cut our budgets

-Speaker, Deputy reply colleagues

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House Speaker Bhofal Chambers and his deputy Prince Moye have replied some members of the House of Representatives on their demand for the two officials to reduce their salaries or be removed from their respective positions.

Speaker Chambers and Deputy Speaker Moye issued a statement Thursday, 10 October in Monrovia, saying they have made cuts in their respective compensation lines by 31.9% and 35.6%.
The two ruling party lawmakers came under attack by some of their colleagues on Wednesday, on grounds that they refused to cut their salaries in line with government’s harmonization exercise which has affected other lawmakers.

Rep. Hanson Kiazolu of Montserrado County District #17; Rep. Francis S. Dopoh of River Gee County District #3; Rep. Ellen AttohWerh of Margibi County and Rostonlyn S. Dennis of Montserrado County District #4 are leading the campaign for Chambers and Moye to join other lawmakers in reducing their huge earnings.

Legislative reporters were informed on Wednesday, 9 October that salaries for members of the House of Representatives will be cut from US$8,500 to US$5,600, but Speaker Chambers refused to cut his salary which is allegedly in the tune of US$29,000.

The lawmakers therefore issued a threat to remove Chambers and Moye from their respective positions on grounds of their failure to reduce their salaries in line with government’s harmonization exercise.But in a joint statement read Thursday, 10 October, Chambers and Moye insist that they remain committed to earlier agreement with the Executive Branch on salary harmonization across government.

According to their statement, Chambers’s office received US$1,221,123 in the last Fiscal Year 2018/2019 and was reduced to US$1,043,265 for the current budget year while his deputy Prince Moye received US$766,381 for the same Fiscal Year which has been reduced to US$722,942 for the current budget period.The Speaker and his Deputy are calling on their colleagues to always gather the real facts on issue of concern affecting the Legislature for proper messaging to the public.

Following issuance of the statement, River Gee County District #3 Rep. Francis S. Dopoh say the concerned lawmakers are not raising issue on budget because the entire budget was reduced. According to him, what they are discussing is the benefit and the fixed amount that lawmakers are receiving.Rep. Dopoh says he wants the Speaker to be cleared to the Liberian people because they are discussing budget.

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