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“We must make Margibi a PUP County”

Speaker Nuquay and Citizens of Margibi parading A founding member and a member of the governing council of the People’s Unification Party or PUP Speaker James Emmanuel Nuquay says, partisans should make all effort to ensure that Margibi County be turned into a PUP stronghold.

According to him, one only needs to get on the ticket of the PUP to be elected or reelected in the county.Speaker Nuquay: “We must make Margibi a PUP County. You need to get on PUP Ticket in Margibi to be assured of your election or reelection. And we need to demonstrate that hence forth”. He said recently in a statement at the Nancy B. Doe’s Sports Pitch in central Kakata during the petitioning ceremony of Mr. Francis F. Cooper.

Nuquay is the currently leader of Margibi Dist #:5 and has also announced his desire for reelection on the PUP’s ticket.Mr. Cooper is the current Chairman of the PUP in Margibi contesting on the ticket of the party in Margibi District #:4 against Representative Ben A. Fofana.The lawmaker called on the electorates the county to support all the candidates on the PUP’s ticket. The PUP has also produced a senator in the county in the person of Rev Jim W. Tornolah.

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi-Edited by Othello B. Garblah

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