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We need collective security

A group of lawmakers under the banner “Independent Lawmakers” wants security of lawmakers and their families placed on special consideration, but members of that august body have turned blind eyes on the wave of gruesome killings across the country sometimes, characterized by abuses.

In a joint press release Tuesday, 22 January at the Capitol, seven lawmakers called on President George Manneh Weah, Senate President Pro-Tempore Albert Chie, Speaker Chambers and the entire Leadership of the 54th National Legislature to see the recent violence during a children party organized by Montserrado County District#10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah in Smythe Road community as a threat to national security and the consolidation of peace in the country.

“We wish to state here very clearly that there can be no amount of justification to these violent acts, even if the voices and tunes of citizens are not palatable. The use of guns and stones at these separate instances on the Oldroad must be contained and disposed of so as not to have a contagious effect on our democracy”, the lawmakers warned.

But just when did the lawmakers realize that violence is a threat to national security? We wonder where are they when violence permeates in communities and districts across the country.

Is it because Sunday’s ( 20 January 2019) violence at a children party along the Smythe Road in Old Road community was extended to the residence of Representative Yekeh Kolubah that they now ask for special security consideration for themselves and their families?

What ask; what about the people they represent? Aren’t their lives as very important as anyone else – whether that person is a lawmaker or an ordinary citizen?

We recommend rather than seeking special security consideration for themselves and their immediate families, members of the First Branch of government should emphasize collective security for Liberia, because no official of government is safe or should feel secure when the lives of the people are at risk.

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In District#13, Montserrado County, a teenager girl was sexually abused and killed in December 2018, while in Nimba County several citizens have lost their lives, including an 11-year-old girl to violence. Lawmakers have remained in their comfort zones, keeping a conspicuous silence on such issues.

We believe strongly collective security for surety is the best approach to maintaining the peace and keeping Liberia stable for both citizens and foreign residents, including investors.

And lawmakers on Capitol Hill have been mandated by the people to make sure peace, tranquility and unity prevail across the country, not only for themselves and their immediate families, as they now plead.

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