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“We Remain committed…”

-CICO assures public of Coca-Cola-ELWA Junction Road Project

China Chongqing International Construction Corporation (CICO) says it remain fully committed to the completion of Coca Cola Factory to ELWA Junction Road Project which contract agreement was entered into in 2018 with the Government of Liberia.

In a press release issue in Monrovia over the weekend, the company said it is seeking the cooperation from all project communities and motorists plying the road to strictly observe all road safety regulations as the project enters the final phase.

Over the last few months, the company has made tremendous progress particularly in opening up several alternative bye-route around the Paynesville corridor in enable the free flow of traffic while project engineers were proceeding with construction work as usual.

The company pledged its full commitment to the completion of the road project, stressing that even under the heavy down pour of rain workers and engineers were exerting efforts in making sure that Coca Cola Factory to ELWA Junction Road Project meet all international standard and specification spelled out in the contract agreement.

The release said CICO consider health, safety and environmental management plan as a working tool for the implementation of all of its project and is being made possible by the company’s health and safety team comprising local and international staffers.

The release also reiterate CICO continuous positon through its General Manager, Mr. Yang Zetao, expressing thanks and gratitude to the Government and people of Liberia for the level of cordial working relationship since the company begun operation in 2008.

“CICO remain true to her commitment that over the years we have been dedicated to delivering on our social responsibility to the people of Liberia while also endeavoring to be in compliance with labor regulations as well as cultivate an improved work environment for our employees, “Yang said.

The 6.1 kilometers of roads will give access to the bustling Red Light comical district particularly marketers and community dwellers who are delighted to see the roads completed and with the hope that the completion will reduce or eliminate the traffic congestion that usually occurs around that corridor.

Also, the agreement leading to the Coca Cola Factory-ELWA Junction corridor was legislated in 2018 with financial support to come from the Government of Liberia and other partners, including the World Bank.
China Chongqing International Construction Corporation or CICO, is acclaimed in Liberia for its specialized engineering performance in road network building and other engineering works and have successfully completed several landmark project in Liberia

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