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“We want to leave a mark”

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-Weah raps up county tour

Barclayville-Grand Kru County-President George Weah rapped up his first county tour in his native Grand Kru County on Friday, February 26, telling his kinsmen that he wants to leave a mark-at least something he can be remembered for.

“We want to leave a mark and we are not boasting,” President Weah told a jubilant crowd in his native town Friday.

“If I will not be successful in governance, at least there is one thing I must do to be remembered-I have decided to pave all the major highways in the country,” he said to a cheering crowd that have endured bad road network for more than 173 years.

“So tomorrow when you are driving and you can go 5-hours and come back, you will say it’s George Manneh Weah that built this road. At least, I will be remembered for something,”the President continued as he echoed his statement in his native Kru dialect to a rousing joyful response.

“Am working very hard, tirelessly with the legislature every day discussing what we can do for our people,” Weah went on, “When you look in to your villages and you don’t see hut there again, you have a (concrete) house with kitchen and bathroom there, you will say its Manneh that built this.” The president said in Kru.

Mr. Weah disclosed that this is what he has being telling (Pro Temp) Albert Chie and (Deputy Speaker) Fonati Koffa that “if we don’t fix where we come from, who will fix?”

The President began his six counties tour on February 12, after opening the National Agriculture Fair at CARI in Bong County and continued his journey to Nimba three days later before traveling to Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Maryland and Grand Kru.

In all of these six counties, the president broke grounds for new projects, mainly roads, hospitals, housing projects and a 21.3 megawatts dam to supply River Gee and Maryland. He also dedicated road projects, hospitals, housing units, and launched 2000 solar panel project in Kawheakan, River Gee, among others.

“There are lot of things going on in this country but we are not seeing them because of politics,” he bemoaned.
President Weah told the citizens that every county deserves a facelift “and this is why we are here to listen to you. We have heard and listened to your ideas and we will make sure that those things you want will be done.”

“Every time I speak those in opposition wonder why I talk the way I talk. Because I know you have confidence in me for what I am doing. They will not do it because they are not like you. I am like you. I lived where you live. I have an experience like you. The hut you see behind us, I lived in that hut. If they live in that hut, they will not survive.

This is our time. We cannot fix the entire country and forget about ourselves. That will be an injustice to where we come from. We have uplifted Montserrado. We are doing Saclepea road. We have secured US$50millon for Barcaville up to Rivercess that project will soon be starting. In the next three years you will decide.” The President concluded as he reminded citizens to keep the peace noting that without peace there can be no development.

By Othello B. Garblah

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