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We will collectively bear the consequences if…

--VP Koung warns Liberians 

Mr. Koung has encouraged Liberians to sacrifice their interests for national interests as the only way of achieving the unity and integration they seek.

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Monrovia, May 20, 2024: Vice President Jeremiah Kpan Koung has urged Liberians to remember that they will all share in the glory when the nation makes progress but will collectively bear the consequences if the nation goes backward. 

Speaking over the weekend, VP Koung expressed appreciation and gratitude to all Liberians, including those in the diaspora, for keeping the political discourse civil and peaceful.

“Even when we disagree, we must do so, bearing in mind that we all share in the glory when this nation makes progress, and we will all collectively bear the consequences if we go backward,” he warned. 

The Liberian Vice President disclosed that the time is now, and this generation must continue to exert all efforts to unite the people.

He encouraged Liberians to sacrifice their interests for national interests because only then will the unity and integration they seek for Liberia be possible.

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According to him, while Liberia has received many commendations from friendly nations across the world for improving its democratic credentials, Liberians must exercise caution regarding destructive criticisms and refrain from acts that undermine peace and democracy. 

He disclosed that the political landscape is divided on strong social-economic and political lines.

“However, we must remain vigilant to ensure that our political disagreements do not divide us but that we create an environment conducive for the exchange of opposing ideas to improve our system of governance, which will uplift the lives of our people,” he noted.

“Let me emphasize that there is no Green, Red, Yellow, or Blue Liberia; instead, it is the Republic of Liberia consisting of people with different political persuasions,” Koung told Liberians. 

He thanked citizens and opposition members for keeping the government’s feet to the fire.

He said their criticisms and suggestions keep them focused and determined to deliver on their promises to the Liberian people. 

The Liberian Vice President further applauds the ideas and recommendations, stating that the inclusion and consideration of the views of those who may oppose them play a pivotal role in fostering national unity.

“The opportunity for all to be heard, in contrast to being silenced because of a disagreement of views, is the foundation of a united and fully integrated Liberia.” 

“A Liberia that we must aspire to cultivate and work diligently to bequeath to our future generations,” he urged. 

Commenting on his government, he urged members of the ruling establishment to remain tolerant, accepting that criticisms are crucial ingredients of a functioning democracy. 

“We must embrace the critical views of others in good faith and make the appropriate adjustments to our strategies for addressing the socio-economic needs of our people,” he pleaded.

Mr. Koung extolled the international partners and friends for their role in Liberia’s democracy and elections.

“To our international partners and friends, we are grateful for your unwavering support for our democratic process, which secures our peace and consequently promotes national unity,” said Mr. Koung.  

“Your support of our development agenda sends a clear signal that Liberia continues to get the necessary attention and support as we seek to build a better Liberia.”

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