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We will not tolerate violence

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Justice Minister and Attorney General of the Republic of Liberia, Cllr. Federick Cherue, issues a stern warning here, saying government will not tolerate any form of violence from individuals or group wanting to cause confusion.

Speaking Tuesday this week on “Truth Breakfast Show” a live talk show hosted by Truth FM 96.1 in Paynesville outside Monrovia, he says, “This government will not tolerate any violence from citizens across this country”, in reference to the current political uncertainty in Liberia as a result of a Supreme Court preemptory prohibition to the runoff presidential election which should have been conducted on Tuesday, 7 November.

Minister Cheru explains that the laws are clear and if any citizen or resident is disenchanted or dissatisfy over a particular situation, the only option is to go to the court to seek redress. “But if you refuse to abide by the law and want to cause violence then we will not tolerate it”, he emphasizes.
His warning followed recent reported attacks by unknown persons on the residence of a member of the Supreme Court Bench, Associate Justice Sie-A Nyene Yuoh.

It was reported recently in Monrovia that on the evening of Sunday November 5, 2017, at about 9:00pm, some unknown persons threw stones into the compound of Associate Justice Youh with the intent to harm persons living within the compound as well as cause damage to properties.

Police are currently investigating the incident, but the Attorney General frowns against the act and calls on every meaningful Liberians to refrain from acts of violence.

Cllr. Cheru says if people from the National Elections Commission could go to court to settle dispute, then what more, saying, “If anyone has an issue, the best place to seek redress is the Court, because whatsoever decision that will come from the court will be respected.”

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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