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Weah brags tangibles 

–after 48 days abroad

President George Manneh Weah has safely returned home from his 48-day trip abroad, bragging of substantial benefits for the country. 

Mr. Weah was invited to attend the US-Africa Summit, but he had other stops at several fora in Morocco, Egypt and France. Weah has been away from Liberia since 31 October 2022.

President Weah was expected in the country on 17 December 2022, but his flight was re-scheduled for 19 December due to an opposition led “We Tiya [tired] Suffering” rally held the same day.

Upon his arrival, President Weah drove at the Dominion Christian Fellowship Center in Congo Town for an intercessory worship service.

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Making a remark at the Church, President Weah said his visit abroad derived substantial benefits for the country.

Due to the complex nature of the visit with several engagements, he said the government minimized the executive time while avoiding trivial expenses, repeated travels to and from the country. 

He informed the public that he and his delegation did not pay a dime to get to Morocco and Egypt. 

President Weah explained that all of their expenses including accommodations, and provisions of an aircraft to take him from Liberia to Morocco and to Egypt, were provided as a courtesy by the organization of the Maybeth International Forum.

He added that on 6 November 2022, he and his delegation arrived in Egypt to address and lay the case for Liberia to benefit a million of dollars in the Carbon Trading Mechanism.

President Weah added that they were able to secure funding of US$10m for coastal defense project for Diggsville, Sinoe County, and West point in Monrovia.

“While we were in Egypt, we also had talks with senior officials of government that promised to provide funding for the second pavement of the road in Lofa County,” Mr. Weah reported.

He stated that on 27 November, he received a commitment of US$100m funding for phase two of the Gbarnga- Lofa Highway.

He also said the Qatari government announced an additional 50 million on sporting activities in Liberia.

On 29 November 2022, he said his delegation departed Qatar and arrived in Monaco to participate in the 13th International Peace and Sports Forum. 

“At the forum, the government of the country handed me a trophy,” he said.

Mr. Weah said from his great leadership ability he was able to strengthen the Liberia-US bond. 

He explained that more benefits were acquired from his visit abroad, saying it is his duty to fulfill all of what he promised the Liberian people.

President Weah further explained that on the sidelines of their engagements, they were able to meet the senior government officials of Hungary and received a commitment from the Hungarian government US$50m.

Additionally, he said he secured 15 scholarships for young and deserving Liberian students to study in Hungary, raising the number students to study in Hungary annually to 70.

Touching on the opposition’s protest dubbed “We Tiya Suffering, President Weah said the same people who are protesting about suffering are they ones that helped to make the county what it is today.

He cautioned Liberians not to listen to the opposition because they are only looking for means to get in power and forget the same people they are putting together for protests.

President Weah was met upon arrival at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) In Margibi County by Liberia’s traditional Chief Zoe Zanzan Karwor, and an array of government officials.

Chief Zoe presented a cola nut to President Weah at the airport as a traditional welcome home from the cultural people of the country.


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  1. Talking for myself, my family, and as a Liberian, we appreciate the offer secured from the people of Liberia, ten million (USD) to fund “costal defense project”.

  2. My concern right now relates to the billions given to those Africans who participated in the summit in Washington D.C., offered by that administration in the interest of the United States – African connections for investment purpose should not be just accepted without specifically understanding its intent. Does the U.S. still give monies and expect more natural resources as use to be during imperialism? The trade aspect of those amounts should be handled and directed by the WTO under a Nigerian woman. The investment share should be distributed by the African Union to all four directions of Africa (north, south, east, west,) with reasonable returns. For the security aspect, we remember that the United Sates may be interested in natural resources, as Uranium, silicon chips and others that produce nuclear equipment. But should be through equal spending and not unequal as was in the past. As a Liberian, since Liberia is a part of ECOWAS, an economic organization, with Guinea Bissau now chairing, Liberia gets its portion must be used wisely with local rewards and standards especially for small businesses own by Liberians only with no intent by few U.S.- LIB exploitation. Liberian business should benefit from a better bargain from the U.S. Dollar to Liberian money for a fair share of natural resources for finished products.

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