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Weah cautions cabinet officials

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President George Manneh Weah has called on cabinet officials to ignite good and friendly ties with their respective counties of origin if the impact of the Pro-poor government is to be felt.President Weah said it is about time to move away from the old order of governance when people, who were given power by the ordinary citizens, felt they were elite or superior, failing to return to them in order to engender the spirit of oneness.

Mr. Weah stressed that as President of the Republic of Liberia, he will not be able to go to every county or visit every community, so he relies on any of his officials living in those communities to bridge that gap between him and the people by living with them, void of arrogance.

The President’s statement was echoed last weekend in Bopolu City, Gbarpolu County when the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill, visited the county to extend the President’s greetings and present gifts to the citizens.

“Your President, our President George Weah has sent me here to tell you people thank you for voting the CDC to power and celebrate the Christmas with your. The President has told all his cabinet officials that they should be in reach of the citizens in their counties and communities. He said gone are the days when officials see themselves as Lords over those who elected a leadership that empower them”, Minister McGill asserted.

He then presented a 10-tire truck load of assorted food items, including rice, oil as well as four cows. Minister McGill also bequeathed each of the visiting women at the Bopolu City hall where the ceremony was held lappas as special Christmas gift.

In adherence to the mandate for cabinet officials to be in touch with their people, Minister McGill also gave 500,000(half a million) for the instant launch of an interest-free loan scheme among market women in the county.

He assured the citizens that beginning 2019 upon completion of undergraduate studies, a student will be vetted from each of the six districts of Gbarpolu to be sent to China for master’s studies in various disciplines.

Minister McGill further assured citizens of the county the main road from Tubmanbug to Bopolu will be paved with asphalt under the leadership of President Weah.The young Minister of State for Presidential Affairs used the occasion to dispel rumors that he intends to seek a senatorial seat in 2020, noting that he should be grateful for the opportunity God has given him as Minister of State and would exercise the office for the benefit of his native Gbarpolu, and the Country at large.

“Let me make it clear here that I don’t want to be senator like most of you have been hearing around. I am thankful to God for the current position the President has given me, so I must do everything possible to help you and the Liberian People. Fighting to be senator now will further divide the county, so let other people be given the opportunity to contribute to the development of the county”, Minister McGill clarified.

Elders, youth and women groups as well as county based civil society organization heads, who graced the occasion, presented kola nuts, white chickens and certificates to Minister McGill in appreciation of his high-level farsightedness in seeking the interest of the County. In response, the Minister called on the Gbarpolu Legislative Caucus to trash all differences and focus on the development of the county.

Also speaking at the Thank You and Christmas Celebration Gala, the head of the newest opposition batch that joined the CDC; former Unity Party stalwart Henry Fahnbulleh, expressed satisfaction and joy in the manner in which the CDC appreciates her own.

He said one of the issues that affected the Unity Party was the promotion and practices of elitisms that made several grass rooters to see themselves as strangers. Mr. Fahnbulleh said his accretion is evidenced by the current waves of empowerments done by President George Weah; giving partisans who struggled till victory the opportunity to discover their potentials and demonstrate the cause for which they had been in the wilderness. He said this approach of the CDC had made many in the opposition especially, in the former ruling Unity Party to sway their support toward the CDC.

During the program, the former commissioner for Gbarmah district, Siafa Konneh, stood through in the hall with poster above shoulder that had inscriptions “Hon. McGill, Please Intervene. We need a United Caucus, a Caucus Leadership, and County Council Sitting for Bopolu Speedy development.”

According to several of the speakers including elders, women and youth groups and county-based civil society organizations, members of the County Caucus have been heavily divided with many blaming it on power struggle.

County Superintendent J.Saah Keyah also alluded to the Caucus’ fracas, which he noted it has made it very difficult for the county to project or implement any development because there has been no county sitting.
Minister McGill, who has been mediating in the current situation said, it would be very difficult for the county to experience development if those who the citizens elected to seek their interest, are at loggerheads.
The program climaxed with a football match between “Friends of McGill” and the County youth that saw a 2-1 victory in favor of the “Friends of McGill.”


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