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Weah challenges officials

Karnplay, Nimba County- President George Weah on Tuesday challenged his officials to engage in meaningful ventures that would improve the livelihoods of people whom they live with in the communities.

Speaking in Nimba County, President Weah noted that it is unthinkable for ministers and other government officials to reside in communities without being impactful to their neighbors.

He said while the government is working to improve the country, all of his ministers must muster the courage to use their meager resources and make meaningful contributions to their respective communities or risk being replaced.

His comment came after a leader of the disable community in Karnplay made a request for 100 bags of cement, steel rods and few bundles of zincs to construct an office space.

Weah argued that the amount being requested was not more than USD10, 000 and that the amount could have been handled by officials within the community-that way they would be making impact as well.

He told officials of government in the midst of hundreds of Nimbaians that had gathered at a Town Hall meeting in Karnplay Tuesday that in 2021, he will pay unannounced visits to communities where his ministers reside, to get firsthand information about how they are impacting their respective communities.

Realizing that the attitudes of his officials would cast blame on his administration, Weah vowed to ensure that his lieutenants don’t live in communities and consciously ignore the suffering of their neighbors while his government takes the blame.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, President Weah dedicated a newly constructed rubber processing plant at the Cocopa Rubber Plantation in Nimba County.

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Cocopa is said to be the biggest rubber plantation under the “Nimba Rubber Plantation Company” and the first to establish a rubber processing plant in Nimba count, northeastern Liberia.

Making remarks at the dedication of the processing plant on Wednesday, President Weah hailed NRPC CEO, Harrison Karnwea for working hard to establish the second rubber processing plant after Firestone-Liberia established one, several years back.

President Weah however encouraged Karnwea and his team to keep up the good work whilst urging everyone in the rubber sector to embrace competition if the sector must experience rapid improvement.

Speaking earlier, Harrison Karnwea lauded employees of the Cocopa Rubber Plantation for being supportive of the establishment of the processing plant in the area.

He disclosed that the workers had waved certain percentage of their monthly income in support of the implementation of the project whilst vowing to be robust to ensure a vibrant rubber sector in Nimba County.

By Naway Gumeh

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