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Weah crowned ‘Father of the Year’-says Liberia is headed for prosperity

By Emmanuel Wise Jipoh 

President George Manneh Weah reaffirms his commitment to bringing progress and prosperity to Liberia in a balanced and inclusive manner, despite what he terms hate from people wanting to destroy the country.

Speaking at his Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church along the Robertsfield Highway in Paynesville on Sunday, June  26, 2022, when he was crowned “Father of the Year 2022-2023”, President Weah expressed conviction that a prosperous, confident nation can be built through effective exploitation of peace, stability and reconciliation among Liberians.

The Forky Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church was constructed by President Weah immediately after he came to the Presidency, including modification of his private home in Monrovia, construction of 10 duplexes and Jamaica Resort in Rehab community, Paynesville, respectively.

President Weah often mounts the pulpit on Sundays and preaches sermons infused with political messages for his opponents. From the pulpit, he goes to his private studio and produces reggae songs, among them a tribute to Rita Marley, widow of the late Jamaican Reggae Superstar Bob Marley, reminiscent of his love for Jamaica that led him to have picked a wife from there, who is Liberia’s current First Lady Clar Marie Weah.     

He emphasizes that peace, unity and reconciliation require every Liberian to play his/her part, saying “I want every Liberian to know that prosperity is based on unity, and honest government and people are the crucial factors in building real and lasting prosperity.”

He calls on Liberians to be more appreciative of what they’ve now under his administration than in yesteryears, when the country suffered poverty, underdevelopment, coupled with destruction, noting that Liberians must learn to appreciate his government for doing little to change the fortune of the country that had been broken and destroyed for 174 years.

President Weah: “The 170 years problems of Liberia, that is what they want to put on us; for 170 years you did not have roads, hospitals, schools; you didn’t have anybody to fix, but now you can see in four years our government has done much to change the unfortunate circumstances of yesteryears, now you want to stop it with political hates, but those with that evil heart and mindset will not succeed.”

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“Liberia”, he says, “is heading to prosperity.”

He regrets that some politicians have made it their career to divide Liberians and stop the development his government is carrying out, adding that they must be stopped!

He says 170 years wasted since Liberia gained independence in 1847, can be recovered only through peace, unity and reconciliation, and that with togetherness, much could be achieved.

He describes unity as an engine for a nation that hopes to escape destructive pool of poverty and civil conflict to prosperity.

President Weah urges Liberians not to be carried away by political tricks and cautioned them divided to be mindful not of war and destruction, something, he notes could delay growth and prosperity.

Also at the Father’s Day program, Deputy Speaker Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, describes President George Weah as the greatest Father of Liberia, noting thru his (President Weah’s) diligence Liberia is getting developed.

“In George Weah Liberia has a father, not a President and you know as a father of children, all the children want to compete for their father’s attention, and the Liberian government is no less than that, as they’re competing to develop Liberia”, Rep. Koffa adds. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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