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Weah desire to change Liberia is paramount

-Dr. Bropleh

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Former information minister, Rev. Dr. Laurance K. Bropleh says President George Weah’s desire to change Liberia remains paramount.

Dr. Bropleh, currently advisor and special envoy to President Weah notes,
“President Weah is not perfect but with all his imperfections his desire to changing this country is paramount”

Speaking to OK FM 99.5 in Monrovia early Wednesday, he urged Liberians to demonstrate love for country, saying, you can’t claim to have love for Liberia with a selfish interest.

“One thing I want to say before I go forward is love for country is paramount to the development of this country, and we all know that hate derives from selfish personal interest and this has been the problem we continue to face as a country”, her says.

Asked whether Liberia has made progress under the Weah-led administration, Dr. Bropleh argues that the Weah Presidency comes at the time Liberia is at a crossroads, saying, there is a level of hate and enmity seeing all over the place, but to answer your question, I can say yes, progress has been made in Liberia under this government.”

According to him, for Liberians to witness the kind of change that they anticipate would take time, adding that change is not an event but rather a process.

“If this country will see transformation, we must all work on our consciousness across the length and breadth of this country”

However, during the live talk show, Dr. Bropleh struggled in citing instances he has offered pieces of advice to President Weah, with majority of callers accusing him of failure to properly advice the President on issues of national concerns, especially, during recent anti-rape protests by women and children for three days, demanding Mr. Weah to come out and receive their petition but the President failed to show up.

But Dr. Bropleh counters every time he talks to President Weah, it was a privilege giving him, saying, “I wasn’t appointed advisor for the public but instead to advise the President on trending national issues.” Editing by Jonathan Browne

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