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Weah Detained?

September 15 may be remembered in the political life of Ambassador George Weah at his worst moment. Not from outside did it happen, but from within his own Congress for Democratic Change or CDC- a situation that may have been of great surprise to him for the first time since entering Liberian politics.

It was actually a protest/demonstration against the Political Leader of the CDC at the front of his residence in the Rehab Community in Paynesville, outside Monrovia by his own partisans on Monday afternoon.

Information gathered by this paper upon arrival had disclosed that CDCians, under the guidance of Vice Chairman Mulbah Morlu and Youth Chairman Jefferson Kojii, stormed the grounds of Ambassador Weah’s residence to prevent him from attending a ceremony for the launch of an Ebola task force organized by Montserrado County Electoral District #6 Representative Edwin Snowe for his constituency.

He had earlier been reportedly warned by CDCians not to attend the official launch of the District #6 Ebola Task Force. A CDC source indicated in this paper that Amb. Weah had planned to grace the occasion in support of the fight against the Ebola Virus, but the huge crowd of his own partisans kept him in confinement in his own house for several hours.

The protesters had argued that their action was against the backdrop of Ambassador Weah’s relationship with Rep. Edwin Snowe- the man behind the launch of the District Ebola Task force, accusing him of “being brought by the Ellen Sirleaf Administration.”

The CDCians noted Snowe’s friendship and “unholy political marriage” with the former NOCAL Board Chairman and Montserrado Senatorial Candidate Robert Sirleaf, expressing the fervent belief that he (Snowe) has the influence to switch Weah senatorial bid. This, they said,   nay make him (Weah) to back-off from the race.

A high placed CDC source also informed this paper that Weah had to beg the CDC protesters to allow him attend the program in the district in which he lives, and following several hours of negotiations, the CDC Political Leader was reluctantly escorted to the program by some of the protesters. When the acting chairman of the party was contacted via mobile phone last evening, he denied the reports.

Mr. Nathaniel McGill said people who had gathered at Weah’s residence had gone to seek his attention to the Ebola holding centers in their district and the poor sanitary condition they were experiencing.

“The issue has nothing to do with protest or stopping Amb. Weah from participating in the ceremony, but people to appeal to him to ask as to how the condition can be improved,” he said.

The CDC, in recent times, has been rocked by internal conflict, leading to the suspension of its national Chairman George Solo for two years. The party’s Grievance Committee recently found him guilty by default for an alleged bribery to influence George Weah not to participate in the Montserrado County Senatorial race against Mr. Robert Sirleaf- the son of the President of Liberia.

Ambassador Weah had earlier differed with his party’s Executive Committee on the decision to suspend Chairman Solo. He told a recent Truth Breakfast Show in Paynesville City that he still recognized George Solo as National Chairman of the CDC, and that he (Solo) should be accorded due process.

But Chairman Solo reportedly failed to show up for investigation before the party’s Grievance Committee on grounds that the committee had been compromised. Mr. Samuel Tweah had boisterously called in on the True Breakfast Show warning Chairman Solo that if he did not appear hearing, we would be found guilty by default- a decision reached by the committee.

Many now regard the CDC as a party whose leadership lacks political education and maturity, considering the manner and form its executives choose to address internal party matters. All of its past chairmen and some executives were removed through conflicts. Some of its expelled chairmen and executives are the brains behind the formation of the newly registered political party- the Alternative National Congress or ANC.

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