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Weah digs at Sherman, others (pt.1)

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-They are the problems

Robertsport, Grand Capemount County-: President George Weah took a dig at Senator Varney Sherman and other lawmakers here Saturday saying, if they cannot develop their own counties as leaders of the people then it is a problem.

Speaking at his final town hall meeting in Robertsport, Grand Capemount County as he ended his second leg of county tour Saturday, Mr. Weah asked the cross-section of citizens that had gathered there if they had lawmakers in the county.

“Do we have lawmakers in this county?” President Weah asked “If there is any lawmaker in this county that did not invest in hotel or invest in his own house that when leaders come here they will host them, then they are the problem…You are the Representation or Representative of people and where you live, you can’t develop the place for attraction?” Mr. Weah went on.

“Look into our government, we have men and women who are from Robertsport. If I make a list of those officials from Robertsports that are in the government…if they cannot improve this county then they don’t have to blame the government,” he noted.

“I entered Robertsport, the famous Robertsport that they talked about when I was young, we have been hearing about from time to time and to see Robertsport like this with all the great leaders that you have then…we need to think. It’s not everything you have to blame the government.

The President’s questions and comments followed Sen. Sherman who has earlier in a speech asked him (Weah) to help the county to complete a guest house in Robertsports so that during his next visit he would not stay in another guest house.

Sen. Sherman: “I’m told that you had lunch at Nana’s Lodge. You probably saw the Superintendent Compound on your left side as you drove down to Nana Lodge. The larger building there Mr. President, we want to complete that building to be our Presidential guest house where the president of Liberia will reside whenever he visits our county. Please Mr. President, help us complete that guest house for you so you may not live in another Lodge, you will live in a proper home. We exalt you, plea with you and implore you to complete that building.”

But Weah insinuated that if the lawmakers had planned enough to make a judicial use of the county development funds that have been allocated to them the wont be making request for some of those little thing.

Weah: “And what I want to say here, what I want to say here there are counties development funds. Now, you have to go back on the drawing board, leaders of Capemount, and my former colleagues. You gat to go back to the drawing board and first of all look at your numbers, if you are five or four here-you are four, you have County Development Fund. If the four or five persons decide every year, they will do a project for the county, before their 9-years over this county will be developed.”

“The lawmaker, let’s assume that every year you get 1.6 million Dollars, you build a road this year, next year you can build the hotel and the other year you can’t put light?” he queried.

Mr. Weah said it is important that officials of government tell their citizens the truth about their own role in government when they are speaking to them rather than making them to clap for nothing.

“We have to go to the parliament in whatever we do to seek their advice. So if a Parliamentarian stands here…when we are at this podium and when we are speaking to our people we have to be honest, we have to be ready to tell them the truth. By Othello B. Garblah

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