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Weah disappoints Muslims?

Muslims across Liberia appear frustrated and disappointed over President George Manneh Weah’s failure to appoint a religious advisor to his office from the Muslim community, having already appointed two religious advisors from the Christian community for similar purpose.

They are not taking the issue lightly, and the Chief Imam of the Republic of Liberia, Ali Krayee voices the disappointment when he appears on a live radio talk show here, “Society and Religion” hosted by state radio ELBC.

According to the Imam, this was something they put before the Coalition for Democratic Change Standard Bearer Mr. Weah during the campaign period when he met with Muslims prior to his ascendency as President.

He says during the meeting with Mr. Weah he assured Muslims that this was no problem as he himself, (Weah) was once a Muslim and has many Muslim friends.
Imam Krayee discloses that they came up with a list of five prominent Muslims from at least five counties and forwarded it to the Office of the President thru somebody that is very close to President Weah from which he could appoint an advisor from the Muslim faith.

He continues they would shortly mobilize Muslims, including boys and girls as well as adults to go at the residence of the President to beg him to at least appoint a Muslim cleric as one of his religious advisors, adding “This is something we had problem with former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.”

The Chief Imam also claims President Weah has appointed only two Muslims in his government, though he did not specifically mention names. Callers on the talk show from the Muslim religion buttress the Imam’s cry, saying this has been an age old issue from previous Liberian administrations, relegating Muslims from the main stream of the governance process.

Meanwhile, Imam Ali Krayee has cautioned against President Weah’s calls for dual citizenship and granting white people the right to own land in Liberia, stressing that it could create serious social and economic class at the disadvantage of poor Liberians.

Instead, he wants the administration to first empower Liberians economically and intellectually before considering the thought to grant non-Negroes citizenship.
President Weah made the suggestions in his first Annual Message delivered before the 54th Liberian Legislature in January when he described the current Liberian Constitution as “racist.”

-Story by Jonathan Browne

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