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Weah faces public pressure

Presidential hopeful Senator George Manneh Weah is constantly faced with one key demand from electorate across the country, particularly here in Monrovia that he is yet to address in his bid to become the next President of Liberia.

Time and again, the standard bearer of the Coalition for Democratic Change or CDC has come under increased public criticism for not availing himself at public platform to discuss the problems of Liberia and recommend solutions.

He was conspicuously absent recently at the first public debate among the six top presidential candidates in the race organized by the Deepening Democracy Coalition, a local media conglomerate with funding from the Open Society Initiative for West Africa or OSIWA.

The DCC is planning a second debate anytime soon, but it remains to be seen whether the Coalition standard bearer would this time around muster enough courage to participate as being demanded by the public.

Appearing on a live radio talk show here on Thursday, September 07, 2017, an executive member of Weah’s CDC Samora Wolokollie was confronted with similar demand from the public, for Weah to appear on live radio or television broadcast to dissect Liberia’s mammoth socio-economic and infrastructural challenges, and say how he intends to address them thru a comprehensive platform.

Such opportunity could significantly boast his chances in the race, as he no doubt remains the most popular candidate among a total of 21, including six Independent Candidates, competing for the votes of 2,183,683 registered voters across Liberia.

He has repeatedly shied away from such opportunity for whatever reason, and his ardent supporters often argue that their standard bearer’s appearance in public debate or participation in public discussion is not as important as his quest to occupy the nation’s highest office to provide leadership.

Although candidates and political parties are in the middle of campaign period, Samora explains that Weah’s Coalition had already released its platform to the public, so there is no need for the standard bearer to keep emphasizing it. In a direct response to one caller, he says it is impracticable to carry the platform under his arm everywhere he goes.

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-By Jonathan Browne

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