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Weah gets real

-No mix feelings

President George Manneh Weah upon arrival here Tuesday plays down concerns and misgivings about his address at the United Nations General Assembly saying it was time to be real about the issues concerning the country and wonders why people are having mix feelings.

“We rely on donors,” Weah told local reporters upon his arrival at the Roberts International Airport Tuesday, adding the Liberia lacks the capacity and strength to stand on its own.

President Weah was real, apparently something that most people have acknowledged but been unable to express publicly in the midst of high political tension.

“Instead of galvanizing ourselves, we believe that of course the international community can do everything for us, so the leaders have to go and let them know that we have to (enable us) work together,” President Weah asserts.

He says he doesn’t think any Liberian should have mix feeling when he is asking the UN that Liberia has economic issues and wants the help of the UN and the international community.
“… Because I remember couple of years back, I was one of those that went to … went with the government to go for debt relief, there was no mix feeling. So I don’t know why people will have mix feeling,” he says.

Liberians are feeling the pinch of a bad economy under President Weah’s regime, with uncontrollable rising foreign exchange rate, high prices for goods and services, lack of jobs and delayed salaries for the few that have managed to secure jobs.

The private sector here is not booming, thus putting much pressure on the government as a lot of unemployed young people continue to look to the government for public jobs.

“Of course we spoke to our partners, some of the issues we’re having here, what we try to put in place, we asked them to join us to do it. You know Liberia has a history of going to the UN, to the international community to help us. This is not the first time,” President Weah continues.By Winston W. Parley

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