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Weah gives young people hope

President George Manneh Weah says young people are a major part of his government’s pro – poor agenda, committing his administration to provide every possible opportunity for youth empowerment.

“We recognize and acknowledge you as our most important natural resources. We are committed to provide every possible opportunity to you for empowerment through education,” he said Monday, 29 October at the 49th National Youth Day celebration in Paynesville.

President Weah urges the young people here to continue to go to school and not listen to people who call them names that have the propensity to discourage them from pursing their dreams.

“I think and I believe as the Finance Minister stated, I think primary school is free; it’s just the special activities, those things you need … if you need a book you have to pay for it,” he says to the students.

However the president assures the young people and students that government will see how adjustments can be made on those special activities that cost them almost what school fees are, and to also reduce books prices.

He says government’s commitment to empower young people also includes training, and the development of their skills … for the job market as well as for their own enterpreneural initiatives.
He gives the young people credit for standing steadfast through all the ups and downs that Liberia has seen and contributed immensely to national life.

“And so for that we salute you. From war to peace, hoplessness to hope, our country has come a long way. It is incumbent upon us, especially you as young people to build upon the foundation that has been laid,” he says.

Speaking earlier at the program, Senate Committee Chair on Youth and Sports Comany B. Wesseh urged young to be willing to make scarifice and serve their country.Sen. Wesseh says before being given green letter (to government employment jobs), young people must first be prepared to make the sacrifice be serving the state in villages.

According to him, free education has been a long fight at the University of Liberia (UL), and now that it has been done under this government of President Weah.

He encourages the young people to keep in mind that they need to give back to the country, in return for the free education that they will acquire.Sen. Wesseh believes that while doing youth service in villages, the young people will learn more about government and serving the people.

Also speaking, House Committee Chair on Youth and Sports Rep. Solomon Gorger says if the young people of Liberia must keep the peace and foster development, they should use the president as an example.Rep. George encourages the young people to stand up and face the challenge without giving up until they are at the top.

Meanwhile, Rep. George has assured the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY) President Weah’s government will build a headquarters for FLY, noting that the instituion has never had one over the past 40 years now.

For his part, Youth and Sports Minister D. Zeogar Wilson calls on young people to keep doing what they are doing in their little corners and stand up for peace.He says young people have been identified during crisis, but they are often forgetten when it comes to empowerment and development.

He notes that during the Ebola crisis here, young people played a vital and and risked their lives to sacrifice for the state.According to him, this government is committed to ensuring that Liberian youth are empowered to be good stalwarts.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports (MYS) on Monday, 29 October held event across the country in observance of this year’s National Youth Day celebration, marking the 49th celebration since the day was first observed here.

The 49th National Youth Day celebration was observed by all schools in the country as well as organizations working in the interest of youth in the country including BRAC Liberia. In 1969, the Legislature enacted an Act, declaring the 29th day of October each year as National Youth Day, in recognition of the immense contributions and sacrifices that the youth of Liberia have made and continue to make in enhancing durable peace and development throughout the country.This year, the day was celebrated under the theme: “Sustaining the Peace, Foster Development towards the achievement of the Pro-Poor Agenda”.

By Winston W. Parley and H. Sally Gaye


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