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Weah goes gutter

President George M. Weah descended into the gutters on Saturday as he lashed out at political critics here during the launch of his party’s Senatorial and Representative Candidates campaign ahead of the MontserradoSenatorial and Representative by-elections due next month.

The president accused businessman Benoni Urey of allegedly hiring talk show host Henry Costa, to insult him (Weah) and other government officials on a daily basis, while telling the collaborating parties’ senatorial candidate, Darius Dillon to go back to school as he did before becoming president.

“I’m here today for palaver, that’s why I came with my private cars. We [have] been in this thing for long and have built experience and the help of God Almighty [has] met us going. People who are against us continue to cuss me, the likes of Mr. Benoni Urey…,” President Weah said as he told his audience that he was speaking in his capacity as party standard bearer over the weekend.

“Urey is using my play son, Henry Costa to insult me and my officials. But interestingly, that does not bother me because I’m doing the right thing by providing good leadership to our people,” President Weah adds.

In the middle of ranting his critics, President Weah extends the fight to discourage his partisans against giving their votes to opposition candidates contesting the Montserrado County by -elections because the opposition are testing CDCians’ resolve.

“They call you tiny, tiny CDCians and cockroaches and come to ask for your votes. I will be specific today because I came to make fuss…,” Weah continues.

He claims that Benoni Urey, the political leader of opposition All Liberian Party (ALP) is not associated with victory.

Mr. Urey is not a candidate in the senatorial or representative by elections in Montserrado County, but his daughter Telia Urey is in the race for the representative by – election.

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Mr. Urey contested the 2017 presidential election which President Weah won.
“The only thing I recall for Urey is that when he wanted to leave from UN sanctions list, he came to me and I helped him make his first foreign trip,” Weah brags.

“This is a man that has never won anything. He supported his brother (Clemenceau Urey), I defeated him. Get ready, tighten your belts, there is no way the Ureys can win election in Montserrado County because they are wicked people,” Weah tells his partisans.

He tells his supporters that “we are cockroaches but they are killers, we are cockroaches, they are thieves.”
President Weah extends his fight to one of the senatorial contenders, opposition Liberty Party official and one of the key planners of the June 7 Save the Save peaceful protest Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon, urging Mr. Dillon to go back to school.

“Dillon criticized me about education and today, I’m a masters’ degree earner; but he has forgotten to educate himself over the years. But [it’s] not late for Dillon to return to the classroom,” Weah continues.

He recalls that when he was contesting the presidency in 2005, Mr. Dillon criticized him and stressed the importance of education as a tool that promotes growth and development of a state.

“The only thing I know about Dillon is that he stole documents from Snowe when he once served him as special assistant. If you questioned me 12 years ago for my education background then Dillon does not deserve your vote,” Weah furthers his rants as partisans cheer.

He urges his supporters to tell Mr. Dillon to go back to school and “let justice be done to all men.”“What was not allowed for me should not be allowed for Dillon,” Weah pleads with his partisans.

He points out that instead of Dillon returning to the classroom, he is seeking elected post.President Weah stresses that the people of Montserrado County know their leader, and claims that the county remains a stronghold for the CDC.

Commenting on Mr. Urey’s daughter and Montserrado District #15 representative candidate Madam Telia Urey, Weah calls her a “kid” who does not know her way to the Capitol Building.

He calls on partisans to turnout on July 8 to vote CDC’s senatorial candidate Madam PaulitaWie and CDC’s representative candidate Mr. Abu Kamara.

The two by elections result from the sudden death of former District #15 Rep. Adolph Lawrence in a tragic motor accident along the Roberts International Airport highway and the death of Sen. Geraldine Doe – Sheriff who passed following a prolonged illness.–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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