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Weah makes threats -claims rebels join police force

Liberia’s main opposition leader Ambassador George Weah has issued a stern warning that his Congress for Democratic Change or CDC party will not tolerate the arrest and detention of its partisans by state securities, threatening that the world should act now to maintain peace here before things go off hands.

“The fact that we are not talking doesn’t mean that we’re weak; we are only talking because we need peace and stability. If it means… that the world must come together again to allow this country to be peaceful, they must come. For those who that keep harassing innocent citizens, we will not sit for that to happen. Today is Jeff Koijii, tomorrow it will be somebody,” warns Weah, who is rather paradoxically, Liberia’s Peace Ambassador.

The ex-football icon turned politician spoke with reporters amid militant chants from his partisans on Monday upon return to Liberia, hours after controversial CDC youth league chair Koijii was released on bond from the Monrovia Central Prison.

Koijii and several others, including CDC Vice Chair for Operations Mulbah Morlu were detained after facing police investigation for allegedly flogging one of their partisans, Mr. Gbeh Montgomery, who they believe was siding with dethroned party Chairman George Solo.

Weah warns that Liberia should again evaluate people that are in position, because the country has had war and many people took part in brutalities and that some of them were rebel leaders and are now working in the Liberia National Police.  He said the only reason that Liberians allow such people to work in the police force is to give them a chance to change, something he fears was not the case.

“Some of them were even a rebel leader and the only reason they were allow in the police, is for them to change. Well what I’m saying is that Mr. Kromah’s behavior these days and harassing our young and innocent citizens is wrong; you know he (Kromah) was former chief of staff that kill innocent people in this country, I think he needs to come back to the law and be civil…,” the CDC leader said.

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There were clashes between protesting CDCians and the Liberia National Police at the Monrovia Center Prison and in the principle streets of Monrovia, leading to the injury of one CDCian that was immediately taken away by her colleagues.

Earlier, several CDC partisans were released on bond from the Monrovia Central Prison ahead of Koijii’s released Monday. All of the accused would have to appear to face charges levied against them upon demand from the court.

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