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Weah mocks false prophets

President George Manneh Weah speaks of prophets of doom here, calling on Liberians especially, church goers or worshippers to keep away from such preachers.

He did not mention names, but the President emphatically stresses that Liberia is a country that had suffered civil war, so a message from a pastor or a prophet or a man of God should be positive rather than spewing out negative thoughts to the people.

Speaking to a church congregation recently at the City of Hope Church in Congo Town outside Monrovia when he returned from a State visit to Senegal, President Weah mounted the pulpit and referred the congregation to Ezekiel 13:1-8

Verse three of Ezekiel Chapter 13 reads, “Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!”

”What this text is saying to you”, the President explains, “is like we have real prophets and we have false prophets; those false ones will tell you, your mother is a witch. They see revelations everyday and God is talking to them. They would run at the altar and run back and tell you revelations.”

He recalls that during the 2017 elections, a prophet claimed that if George Weah won the presidency, blood would be all over the city!

“And people are still sitting down in that church. The man raised an alarm, emergency and you’re all still sitting down. If somebody tells [told] you soldiers are coming; they are shooting! He told you it is not possible. This government that is coming, the George Weah government, there will be blood and your still sitting down.”

He says sometimes, it is not those who bring the false message, but those who sit and listen, adding, “That’s where we go wrong.”

President Weah emphasizes that it is time Liberian change their ways, noting that reasons why false prophets are controlling people is because they refuse to change their minds.

“When we see something bad, we rather die there, and then we are looking for God’s grace.”

“So my advice you, those that are coming everyday and telling you this or that, you need to leave them alone so they can know that when you lied to a congregation, God isolates you”, he adds.

The President says the only way to isolate false prophets is by walking away from their presence.

“I think that’s the only way the preaching from those prophets will be real. Because every time they lied and you sit there, they will continue to lie.” Story by Jonathan Browne

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