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Weah must take a drug test first

–Cllr. Gongloe suggests

By Kruah Thompson

Presidential hopeful Cllr. Tiawan Saye Gongloe says President George Manneh Weah should be subjected to drug tests, cautioning him not to avoid it as he did with the Covid-19 vaccine.

“They cannot be destroying our country when their children are not living here. And I highly suspect him of being involved in this narcotic, so he should also be subjected. Let him not avoid the drug test as he did with … Covid-19,” said Gongloe.

Gongloe’s suggestion came during a press conference he held Thursday, 20 April 2023 in central Monrovia to give his perspective on growing calls for public officials to test for narcotic substances for every elected or appointed public office.

Cllr. Gongloe is a prominent Liberian lawyer and politician. He is the former Solicitor General of Liberia and has served as the President of the Liberia National Bar Association.

Gongloe is a human rights activist and has been a vocal critic of corruption and human rights abuses in Liberia.

He is the political leader of the opposition Liberian People’s Party, which is one of the oldest political parties in Liberia.

Gongloe’s comment came after Liberia’s Army Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. Prince Charles Johnson, III, recommended that government officials should undergo drug tests. 

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In reaction, the Liberian human rights lawyer Cllr. Gongloe said President Weah should be first tested for drugs before others can follow.

Cllr Gongloe alleged that a few years ago, drugs were discovered in a presidential escort car en route to Grand Cape Mount County.

Based on such an alleged incident, Gongloe thinks drug tests for public officials should begin with President Weah.

He explained further that before Mr. Weah became President, one of his friends was arrested for drugs. He added that today, Mr. Weah has built a place in Liberia called Jamaica.

According to him, there is a lot of speculation that the same culture that is practiced in the Caribbean state of Jamaica might also be happening in Liberian-based Jamaica.

Gongloe noted that in Jamaica narcotic drugs do not matter.

“There are people in the government that are bringing drugs here and Liberia is a major transit point for drugs,” the opposition leader alleged.

He told a group of journalists that he supports Gen. Johnson’s call for officials to be tested for drugs on grounds that the presence of drugs in Liberia undermines national security.

He added that it also makes law enforcement and security in the country difficult.

“Because when you are dealing with people who are not normal, it affects everything you do. Therefore, the president must show seriousness about fighting drugs by subjecting himself to a drug test.”

According to him, all opposition political parties in the country are willing and prepared because it is incumbent upon all of them to deal with the menace in Liberia.

He said if the president and his officials are not subjected to drug tests, the conclusion will be that they are promoting a pervasive flow of drugs in the country.

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