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Weah wraps up Bomi tour

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-Promises to construct 20 housing units for nurses

Tubmanburg, Bomi County- President George Weah on Wednesday wrapped up his tour of Bomi County with a commitment to construct 2 housing units for nurses at the Government-run hospital in Tubmanburg.

The President also donated one vehicle to the hospital during a brief stopover for their operations, while First Lady Clar Weah also donated a new vehicle to the Female nurse who moves around Suehn Mecca on bike to help deliver our pregnant mothers.

On Tuesday night Mr. Weah also dedicated streets lights power by solar panel in Tubmanburg on as part of his light up the city project. Similar lightening was also done in Gbamai on Wednesday night.

Speaking to hospital officials, Mr. Weah flanked by first lad Clar Weah said the construction of the 20 housing units could begin in less than 24 hours if the land for the project was immediately provided.

He made the commitment after listening to the challenges being face by health workers at that particular government run hospital, which ranges from lack of housing, vehicles and other basic necessities that are lacking there.

It appears the local health officials have brought this to these problems to the health authorities at the national level but noting have been done.

President Weah noted that it was just not right for the health workers at the facility to keep silent and not share their problems when their immediate leaders are ignoring them.

“Sometimes don’t be afraid, you should take the report to people to see,” President Weah said as he bemoaned the conditions of health workers at the government run hospital.

“When something happen, they will not hold you. They will say that the President,” he said nothing that this is why it is important for him to be in the know.

Mr. Weah queried the local health officials saying, “Why if we had not stop by that means you would have continue to work under such condition.”

However, responding to the vehicle request, President Weah said he hopes they will be able to fuel it adding “everything you ask for has its own responsibility attached.”

The President and delegation departed Bomi for Gbamai, in Gbarpolu County where he held a town hall meeting and reassured local citizens that the construction of the 52km road corridor between Bomi and Gamai is on course.

He also visited Lofa Bridge in Grand Capemount and held a town hall meeting in Tahn District.

By Othello B. Garblah

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